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Celeb Fail

Submitted by Tal O.

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  1. this is reported by the same people that said Hillary Clinton was breastfeeding Oprah’s martian baby…. everyone knows men cant produce breast milk….

  2. One thing I want to mention. Chris Hansen is 51 and they have footage of him and a 30 year old female friend spending time together. Whoopedoo!! That is not the same as those Predators trying to have sex with 14 to 17 year old girls, since this article is implying that it’s on the same level.

    1. @Daniel the article is imlying that like any celebrity cheating, they will be exposed and put on the spotlight. -_- Tiger Woods, Bill Clinton, ETC, ETC…..

    1. Yep. Cuz’ men get sexier as we age. Not like women, who shrivel up like an old prune and get all bitter and nasty!!

  3. I’d really like to say to him, “Hi, why don’t you take a seat? What were you doing? Oh really? That’s not what the chat log says.”

    1. The National Enquirer should have had some of the stars from past TCAP episodes there when he walked in, to deliver those lines. “Well, if you have nothing more to say, you’re free to go.”

  4. Yeah how is this revelant? He has a show that was catching predators trying to have sex with young girls. Not saying cheating is acceptable but, he was caught with a grown woman and it was consensual. Now, if he was with a 14 year old girl then this story would be relevant…

  5. Chill out people! Is it wrong for people to love each other? The wife would feel so much better if she just went out and had some BBC!

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