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    1. So you’re telling yourself to toss your salad… now I don’t have to say go f^&* yourself 🙂

  1. lol…her name is “Robinette” and in french “Robinet” means “tap”…this is related to the article name,right?

  2. Those pigs are pure pussy, if someone farts during an interrogation they press another 30 charges, ugh i hate them so much, i dont see your so called freedom in your country, the pigs have all of you grabbed by the balls really tight.

    1. Try having a knucklehead spit blood on you or try and piss on you through your cage and see how much fun body fluid is. She could be squirting Chanel #5 on an officer and it would still be assault.

  3. Where’s RoccoL the dickwad who hates on non-pales? Get in here dude, look who’s representing your perfect awesome race dude!!!

    1. They only post on non-whites and ignore white fails altogether because they aren’t intelligent enough to distinguish one individual from another. It makes them feel less insecure when they can convince themselves they’re better than a billion people who aren’t the same race as them. Complete idiots can’t use scrutiny.

  4. Oh look a white woman acting a fucking a fool and not a single racist comment against her. What a surprise. I’d leave one if I were a stupid fuck who saw one or two whites act like an animal and deduced that they were all that way. Luckily, I have functioning brain unlike most of the fagtards that post here.

    1. No no racist remark because they wish they got hosed by her boob juice. Besides this is normal for a 30 year old whit woman…. call mid-life crysis(they also tend to steal worse than any black)

    2. Here’s a way find your favorite DVDs and see if it has a luanagge option. Put it on Spanish and see if you can translate what they’re saying. Plus, see if you have any Spanish speaking friends who can help you. Don’t forget to check out Spanish TV stations and radio stations to pick up small phrases that can help you sound alittle more natural when trying to speak the luanagge. Have fun in Peru!!!

  5. I just wonder what the conversation was like after she was released. I know there had to be atleast one wisecrack from the husband.

    1. Yeah I told you your tits were considered dangerous to the public, and our should have put them away when I told you. No I ain’t gonna say it, but I did tell. wtf I TOLD YA SO BIATCH!

    2. Yeah. She probably had been spraying her husband before this episode. Now he’s probably jealous of her doing it to someone else.

  6. This woman is from the town right next to mine…*sigh*…. and if shes a breast-feeding mother why on earth is she getting trashed at weddings? So her offspring can become as stupid as she is?

  7. are you fuckin kiding .. this is all we have to worrie about .i would have slaped the shit out of that tit and sucked it dry and let the bitch out on a countey road 20 miles out of town .. you are all a bunch of gay mow fow,s

  8. haha i watched this happen from a distance. i work right next door. funniest shit i have ever experienced. people are still talking about it in deleware.

    1. I was there man. The cops showed up with donuts man.she offered them some milk. And they say men can’t aim. This Hooker with alcohol in her system and trying to milk cops coffee. It’s like spiking the punch at a party.fuck that Hooker.

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