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    1. But the voiceover… arrghhh… her voice made me want to dig out my eardrums with a pencil…

    2. i would’ve like this as a kid. especially the mustard monster that shoots mustard out its nose. awesome.

  1. Wow. I can’t believe they’re making money off of this. Interesting idea but not enough to pay 10 bucks for. You could do the same thing at home with a knife if you’re that bored. -.-

  2. Just what Americas fat fucking kids need, something to make stuffing their greasy sweaty faces with nasty shit food more fun and less soul crunching

  3. the hot dog thing is just dumb, but the mustard and ketchup bottle attachments are pretty cool despite one appearing to vomiting ketchup on your food and the other to be leaking mustard snot on it lmao.

  4. Who needs 4 Happy Hot Dog Men? Wouldn’t 1 suffice? And did anyone else find it gross that the ketchup critter is a vampire? aaah- brain overload!

  5. I know I’m showing my age here, but did anybody else keep expecting the Energizer Bunny to come pounding through this at some point?

  6. I dont think the produkt is as much fail as the commercials, bad rhymes or the fact that you get 3 happy hot dog men for free while buying one, makes it seem like a crapy product.

  7. i seen this on tv the other day, i called them and bought one because those ketchup and mustard monsters are fucking awesome!

  8. just wanna throw this out there but she says hot dogs are american as baseball and apple pie, hot dogs are german, baseball and apple pies are british

  9. this is fucking stupid how is this helping your life the whole point of an invention is to help make your life easier what the fuck is this thing doing to help u

  10. this is a pedo bear win. wieners in the shape of little boys and girls…. yep, absolutely a win for pedo bear.