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  1. it can be fake. i mean you can deceive your friends pretending to be a stranger who found the laptop or the phone. watch your dumb friends jump on it then mock them. actually im gonna do this.

    1. For the love of all that is fail. Why do peole seem so obsessed with branding something fake or a photoshop? Are you THAT scared of looking foolish? Why on earth would someone fake something like that. The type of person who would fake something like that would have no friends to like the post. They prob have a futuristic device known as “phone” which enables them to login to facebook.

  2. 2nd …ye ye and this how we gona do it… live the dream make sure no busta ruins it… israel deep in my vains… crack cocain… aint the same.. just playin… i keep sayin … lucifer save em … all day will be prayin…. i know they hatin… who gives a fuck btiches … i will still spray em… one day the new world order will rise from haven…. enslave the non believers… and give weath to its followers……. peace out yall…. shalom shalom….. muzel tov!………no homo

    1. ur not 2nd faggot… look again you dumbass..P.S i’d bitchslap ur moms doctor…he failed at ur abortion…no homo

    2. I see it now… I concede that my anti-troll devices have failed me this time as I have fed it by responding. But please let this reply be a beacon to all ye who cross this bridge we know as Epic Fail dot com.

      Do not feed the trolls. Ignore them and eventually they’ll get bored or go away. Or kill themselves because not only does no-one love them, but no-one even hates them anymore.

      Indifference will kill you, you strange and (very sadly) deficient human being.

    3. trolling is a respectable art sir…. i want you to take back what you have said……… homo……. yours serenely…..friendly neighborhood troll….


  3. It has to be fake, how does the thief post, then the actual owner post not long after that using their own name. Probably just some attention whore.

    1. the owner doesn’t need his laptop to log onto facebook if the thief didn’t change the password (don’t you need to know the password to change it?). So owner logged on probably to tell everyone he lost his laptop and then sees theres a new post on his page about it so he comments, and then the thief comments back (both on the same account so both having same pic and name)

    2. Well I only say that because if you log in from another place doesn’t it kick you off the other place if your signed in from multiple places?

    3. nah you can be logged in on your phone and comp at the same time, i have 3 comps set up to do my audio edits, and i can log into mine on all three at the smae time. seems stupid but it dont kick you off.

  4. Bottom line is don’t be an absent minded retard and leave your stuff unattended..anytime…with anyone.

  5. eh hem, for all the retards that say its fake, he cudda logged in using his phone. you feel dumb now?

  6. lol the thing is how do oyu forget your laptop at the AIRPORT?? and you obvisouly were doing sumthing with it because you were logged onto facebook!

  7. WELL, he could have a desktop at home or using someone elses laptop DUH. and when you COMMENT it does not say “from iphone” or “from mobile” so he can comment from his phone. Common sense. I do it all the time.

  8. first off, he could be on a desktop, or a friends computer since he lost his laptop… my phone also only specifies posted from mobile when its a status… not when when i leave a comment… so still no proof its fake! and no, it doesnt log you off when you log in from somewhere else. ive been on my account from 2 different computers and my phone all at the same time

  9. Notice how the owner of the laptop responds yet it does not say it was sent from a Mobile device. So this guy is pranking his facebook friends.

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