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    1. Wow this is horrible the fag who sang this is a complete fail, like dipsht’s mom when she went to the back alley abortionist… you homo

    2. FUCK! You’re first… well i guess i can throw myself from a cliff seeing as i lost the meaning to my life.
      … I’m still a homo …

    3. djarum aka djwtf you are the biggest dope ive come across on the internet seriously go hang urself cause ZION will you dog ill make you bark for a bone IAM THE ELDER OF ZION

    4. its good to see wannabe dipsht is back… so how you been my stalking troll? and djasshole go hang you self with your dads sex swing 😀 …. ww3 on its way dajjal coming to save mankind’s in disgrace JEWS are the ones you should praise !!!!!!……zion for ever for ever zion…….. no homo

    5. Dpshit, you’re crazy. I read your little ‘unified article’ put out by the United Nations and nowhere does it talk about a controlled population through massive extinction, a no-border world or a one dollar world where Jews are on top. Have you ever read it? Probably not, seeing how it’s full of big words like disestablishmentarianism, and so on.

    6. wait for 21 December 2012 my friend …. and you will see 😀 😀 😀 😀 where coming to get you all muhahahahaha long live baby boy Zion…. all praise Jews on there knees…….. and next time i see ya on this site ima lay hands on yo ass…. no homo

    7. wow you always have the same comebacks….I guess thats why your not famous trolls like on 4chan XD

    8. Dipshit, words on the internet are meaningless. You’re most likely a nerdy, malnourished faggot Jew who’s pale from never going outside of your room. You truly are pathetic, I would have thought from all the time you spend on the internet you would learn better spelling, but that is obviously beyond your mental grasp. Maybe you can’t read well because your Jew nose is so fucking huge it bumps the screen 8 inches away when you try getting close. You love that everyone hates you because no ones gives you the time of day in real life. You seem like a very possible candidate for suicide.

    1. sorry mole… what was that… im aged 47… and skinny as fuck because i smoke allot of crack…hobby include internet trolling necrophiliac bestiality ….. and cream pies o ye and facials to…. but absolutely… no homo…. i dont do homo things ect activity’s , bondage , 3 way , split roasts , salad tossing , dirty sanchez , Russian star , reverse cowboy , polish bike ride….. and so on……….


      btw gay sound

      …/,,|,, )

      because you just Love it..

    3. why dont you explain to everyone djarum why ur dads a 65 year old transvestite i didnt wanna say this in public but you made me i even smoke to mark and he said he made ur dad fall on his knees cause he was goin to harddddd PLEASE EXPLAIN DJARUM YOU MADE ME DO IT

  1. that is not her on the cover. the girl singing is about 5’6” tall and weighs about would have to roll her in flour and look for the wet spots.

  2. Id rather use that razor blade to cut my ears off and stick them down the hole thats left than listen to that shit any more.

  3. Dipsht should have his own show on cable. that i would watch . funny as hell .As for the basset hound singing -put that bitch to sleep . its the only humane thing to do .

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