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    1. @OgDoRk and dipsht; Hitler was a very bad man. But boy do I wish the SS got to you grandparents first.

    1. Just stick your Dick out and wait for him to bite…. if that don’t work put peanutbutter on it, well same rules apply for animals I guess. Well I am trying to say is treat dipsht like a gay dog…. dipsht is homo

    2. i dont give up my kosher dick , balls , ass to no one ok….other then my baby boy zion im all his……. (BLUSHES IN A CUTE AND SHY WAY) hehehehehe i miss you so much come and take me now right here!!!! ohh yeee …… im not homo just bi curious… thats all no big deal………… no homo….

  1. Well, I can’t say I know much about this planking ‘fad’. But I do see a ‘not being a douche bag’ fail. Nice friend, guy. You should play a prank on him in return. Super glue a dildo to his forehead. I think that would be appropriate.

  2. That is seriously just weak on his friends part. I’d get out of the water and punch him right in the neck.

  3. I would have gone to my house, dry myself, get a good sleep, have a nice breakfast, take a dump, go to the douche house and break him a couple of bones. I seriously would do that.

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