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    1. Damn I STILL can’t over what a fucking faggot DIPSHIT is, this photograph of him just validates his true homosexuality.

    2. Wait, I think that’s dipsht! You can tell! Also the part he says kinda cute, means it’s him! He’s just supporting himself!

    3. to answer two questions at once dipsht and IJC that`ll be a hell no!!! oh and George Clooney get a joke and homo r great! im not one but they`re awesome to hang out with (unless ur homophobic)! ;D

    1. dont hate just because you cant be me………one love baby boi Zion…….friendly love not that homo style love… homo

  1. why do people leave such ignorant comments.. this man has mental problems.. the world sucks, princesses are a great fairy tale escape in ones own mind. also for him to have all that stuff he probably has a good job to afford it all. that means he probably functons normally in society but mentally relapses at home.

    1. You have mental problems defending this freak! Take your fairy princess dolls and create your own island away from us normal people.

    2. normal? I have a masters in psychology from U of M.thats why I can make the judgments like I do.

    3. Clearly Johnjohn has read a book and educated himself on the actions of others. Look up the word Pedophile and see just how dumb your statments are.

    4. your coming at the wrong man merciless ill eat you for breafast you son of a zionist slave Tel Avivs finest Israel till i drop

    5. It’s funny how a person can type one word (zionist) and you know what they’re all about. Please keep using that term. That way we can spot all your assumed names on here and instantly dismiss everything you say.
      You can barely type a coherent sentence I’m pretty sure you can’t eat me for lunch.

    6. So johnjohn has a masters in pseudoscience. Let’s give him a big round of applause.
      Tell us, johnjohn, what breakthrough have you psychonalysisists come up with lately that will convince us that you accomplish anything other than commercial bullshit to help scam us out of some money?

    7. You need to grow some balls and learn how to mentally cope with life just like the rest of us. Pussy.

  2. How do you know that his mother hasn’t been supporting this oddness, johnjohn? He’s troubled.. and it’s the scary sort.. with children’s toys, which points to pedophile.

  3. This is the reason I hate americans there all fucking gay hahahaha I you reply to my shit your also a twat!!!

  4. its soo funny too see people arguing on here..i mean are you really ever gonna see the people?..oh and i think that dude needs to be on Americans most wanted..kinda creppy..

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