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    1. first to say first….. suck on that shit you low lifes… come on give me your best shot.. i dare you…. no homo

    2. @dipsht …I read many of your coments. Dude… you should get checked on mental disorders. You are not normal. Seriously, you need proffesional attention

    3. when are you guys going to understand trolling is a art…..with out me this site has nothing… learn to respect and love your local site trolls……dont take them for granted because one day they could be gone….you dont know what you got till its gone….no homo dudes… homo

    4. Trolling is an art?? Maybe the art for you is to stay the fuck out and quiet for some time dude… I’m sick of seeing you and your comments around here

    5. @dipsht lol xD what did you just say? This site would be nothing without you? Suuuuure. I visit this page for about a year and I heard about you today the first

    6. @doug you have read many of my comments and you only met me today… dosnt make scene you shit face turdcutter…. i have many fans here and had many fans on other sites…i will keep doing what i do and nothing can stop me because i am the greatest…. now show me some love or just get the fuck out of here… no homo……tho i will lay you down flat and fuck you sideways… don’t push me…….Zionist are nothing you want to step up to so sit back in your seat and be a good little nerd… all hail Satan

    7. @dipsht Your nothing man, I’v seen way popular tolls before. I’v never heard of you up to just about 2 weeks ago, you realy want to meet some famous trolls? Go to Hahahahaha

    8. HAJI ill fuk you in the middle of the sahara desert you fuken pig wrestler !!!!! Im gona tell your mum youv’e been eating bacon and eggs

    9. Rely….. do start. What are you going to do about it? You and dipsht are the weakest trolls the internet has ever seen. LOLOLOLOLOLO HAHAHAHAHHA Rape Rape Rape

    10. Start on me, I dare you XD…… there is nothing you can do or say that will make me stop! 😀


  1. the fact that someone’s talking about kimo in the background totally ruins it for me.
    …. I’m still a homo ….

    1. Thank you for correcting his misspell, also would like to point out you misspelled FUCKING Trollololololol

  2. Responding to a troll’s comments says that he’s reaching you. Ignoring their comments says, who gives a fuck about your stupid drivel, and just leaves them hanging there. Please try it, maybe some of these idiots will go away.

  3. The freeze frame with the dramatic music makes it so hilarious! Puppy’s bark was cute-sound like a squeeze toy…yeah,I’m a softie…

  4. That was cute. As for this dumbass in here, how many times does he have to say no homo? He trying to convince us or himself? 🙂

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