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    1. I think this is real, as i’ve heard from others. And you can search on youtube for salvia or salvia reactions, and they get reallllly fucked up.

    2. Its real. Salvia is a fun ride but they should have done it one at a time to prevent the guy from trying to get away from his hallucination and doing property If you want to try Salvia Divinorum for the first time, try to make sure there is a sober person around to keep you from doing anything too stupid and to film it for later enjoyment.

    1. I did a 5x extract of salvia by myself and almost did the same thing. It wasnt because I was running from something but because my mind went completely blank to where I coudnt even think in English all I thought was emotions and ideas. I looked out the window and didnt even know what everything was.

    1. it might be sad if he killed a small animal when he landed…other then that its just fucking halarious

  1. From what I’ve heard, Salvia isn’t the kind of psychedelic you’d like to mess with. Better stick to shrooms.

    1. go for it…just make sure you have pleasant surroundings and a sober person to keep you in check

  2. what’s with the camera flashes as the guy is going out the window? the girl is a win since she kept her cool

    1. wow lol your smart… but all joking aside that was lights going out from being hit hardand not busting. creates an explosion inside the lightbulb when the filliment busts or something like that… thats what ive heard

  3. This is for real, I did this one time. You cant even talk after you do it. One of my friends freaked out, but didn’t jump out a window. Also not sure if you still can but we bought it at a head shop completely legal. (DO NOT RECOMMEND) These guys were out of control.

  4. love how they always make the most dangerous and fucked up drugs legal. Even a heavy 30 hr lsd-esque trip like DOB, or the instant, mind blowing experience of DMT, is nothing compared to the wretched horror that is the five minutes of this shit. Anything that looks like it’s attacking your nervous system (blindness, muscle paralysis, impaired motor function, the sudden urge to jump out the fucking window) really isn’t fun. Stay away from the dust and the salvia, and those fucking weird “bathsalt” shits all the hillbillies in my town love so much.

    1. Salvia isnt dangerous but you also have to remember that its only legal when sold as incense and traditionally salvia is chewed. He didnt have the urge to jump out of a window he had the urge to get away from something he was seeing (this is why its recomended that there be a sober person around when consuming it. DMT is much MUCH stronger then salvia rendering you absolutely defenseless for about 15min during an almost complete hallucination caused by the fact that DMT is the neuro-chemical that produces the images wile you dream. Salvia doesnt last as long, you can generally still at least move(as buddy in the video demonstrates) and the hallucination includes more aspects of reality (you can still see the person sitting in front of you even if they are covered with something or are a different colour). Its ignorant to say “Dont do these things” just dont be as stupid about it and cause damage to people and property like the many people that drink…oh wait..maybe that “drug” is even more dangerous…

    2. he has the urge to freak out over the lighter he is dropping.
      it s still funny because he managed to fuck up the whole room but didn t even push the bong over wich is actually impossible.

    3. The salvia experience is different for everyone, while the DMT experience is generally the same for everyone (I’ve done both, several times, and would never put something in myself without knowing what it is, but thanks for the explanation/google search). You do not know he was trying to escape something, for all you know he couldn’t see. My experiences with salvia caused temporary blindness and paralysis (much like the girl’s reaction). I’m sure your familiar with drugs like datura, which is painful and pretty terrible, but exists. Just because it exists doesn’t mean its fun or it should be done.

    4. I have never experienced blindness or paralysis nor do I know anyone that has experienced this from salvia divinorum. It’s actually pretty clear they he is scared of something in front of him that he wants to get away from…he keeps looking at “it”. Assuming he was blind, he likely wouldnt keep looking back in that direction at what he was trying to get away from. If you have much experience with hallucinogens and friends doing them and posses the powers of observation you should be able to get the general idea of what they are experiencing from observing them. The girl just seems out of it as she is attempting to comprehend something in reality wile still tripping balls. I’ve seen this many times as the sober friend. My guess is you and anyone that experienced these harshly negative symptoms likely have a bad or possibly pesticide tainted batch.

      Datura might not be for me…it might not be for you…but that doesnt mean it isnt for anyone. Keep in mind that it has been around for many many years used as both a drug and a POISON and thus is only “safe” in moderation.

      DMT is not even close to being the same for everyone…thats like saying everyone dreams the same dream in the same way every time they dream. I find the similarities between the experiences of people doing DMT is just as similar as that of salvia.

      Remember boys and girls, when growing anything you are going to consume be it vegetables, ganja, salvia, shrooms or other herbs keep it natural and dont use chemicals or you might end up with a black lung, cancer or dead.

    5. He drops the lighter. When he tries to respond to this he goes into a panic because he can’t clearly function. After that all rational thought goes straight out the window 😀

    6. I really dont think you get the point of drugs. Why would you bring rational thought into this? Drugs inhibit rational thought. This is why drunk people act like idiots, crackheads look like idiots, cokeheads think like idiots, pot heads eat like idiots and so on.

    7. DMT is the same for everyone in the same way dreams are (“I was falling/being chased/at school naked/I tried to run but my legs wouldn’t pick up/I was with someone I knew but didn’t recognize their face/exc.”) Talk to a 100 people who have smoked a large amount of DMT and they will tell you they were approached/touched/talked too by “beings”, granted everyone’s beings are different, but the experience is the same. And I’m sorry, but telling people “natural is okay” is bullshit. Most of those drugs that fuck up people’s lives are “natural” like coke or heroin (not that I have anything against these but its just a fact some people just can’t handle it) and ones that are perfectly safe and fun that are man-made like nitrous oxide… sigh, I’m just going to move this over to bluelight.

    8. calling something that requires as much processing as coke and heroin natural is beyond ignorant. Nitrous oxide is just as dangerous as any other drug, if you do too much you can suffocate or cause yourself brain damage and at no point did I ever say just because something is natural it’s ok. I have continued to try to find someone that has experienced blindness or paralysis from salvia and still cannot. I must conclude this is not cause by salvia itself but rather (once again) pesticide or fertilizer on/in it much like it can do when pot is improperly flushed/covered in pesticide. I myself have consumed much DMT and salvia and would say salvia is compatible is saying it’s “dmt light” and everyone else I know that has tried them agree. Both are very similar to a dreamlike state just that DMT leaves you completely unable to do anything other then enjoy the ride you started and salvia isnt quite as debilitating. I wouldnt say salvia is undamaging, smoking pot is damaging, drinking is damaging, consuming dary into adulthood is damaging, breathing near traffic is damaging…but its not nearly as bad as you seem to have yourself convinced.

  5. PYRO you are a fucking idiot. Of course it is dangerous…the dude just jumped out of a god damn window. It doesn’t matter why he did it.

    1. people jumped from the world trade center when the planes hit and they were sober. Lets grow up and avoid the name calling unless you have a valid argument.

    2. Right. But the WTC was on fire. His crappy ass house was not. Maybe he thought it was, but that would only be because the drug made him believe as such. Therefore, yes, the drug is dangerous. Would you like to stick up for crackheads next?

    3. My comparison was to demonstrate that either way jumping is the wrong idea and that you dont need a drug to jump out of a window. Salvia isnt even close to the same category of drug as crack. Salvia is just as if not more safe then alcohol if you make sure you be smart about it and have a sober person to keep you from doing stupid shit like jumping out a window. And to be fair…most people dont even get up at all for the duration of their trip thus negating the falling danger.

    4. I would have jumped, too, if the alternative were to be slowly and painfully roasted at some hundred degrees. So that’s a pretty rational decision considering the circumstances. And by suggesting that a sober person be present during the trip to prevent yourself from “doing stupid things” you basically admit that salvia is in fact dangerous. Plus, in this clip we see 2 out of 2 (that’s 100%) people actually getting up thus putting themselves in danger of falling/jumping out of the window.

    5. so what you are saying is just by standing you are in danger of falling out of a window? I guess we better make standing illegal… And you think that the windows were the only way out of the WTC? It’s unfortunate that you were never there before it fell. Wile there is little proof in this matter I dont see a need to argue it but buildings like that do have multiple stairwells including designated fire escape routs that are protected from such things…hence why everyone didnt die and making it irrational to jump out of a window. Alcohol is no more safe then salvia…both cause you to do stupid things, so I stand by my statement that its “safe” as long as you dont do it in a foolish manor. But hey…people like you are keeping drug dealers rich so you just keep up the good work.

  6. Back in my wild times, I use to mess with this stuff. I’d like to say that it is one of those things that people will either like or hate. There really is no in between with Salvia.
    Also, the come down from this really sucks. You get all tired and feel like you are drained of all energy. (The trip is so weird, everything feels like it is pushing against you. The guy might have actually been “pushed” out of the window by his trip. A buddy of mine was almost push off a 3-story balcony from the lights in his trip.)

    Honestly though folks, don’t do drugs. They really are bad for your body, even though they feel fun at the time.

    1. not all drugs are bad though I’m sure salvia has interesting long term effects. Pot for example has no lasting effects if eaten or vaperized (inhaling any kind of smoke is harmful) and has various health benifits to those suffering from various ailments from asthma to cancer to MS to Parkinson and so on.

  7. Not worth it! Good thing they don’t live in an apartment complex that’s a few stories up or he would of been is a world of trouble.

  8. More idiots using a substance that they are definately not prepared for. It is not a joke or something to use “to have a good!” It’s f-in retards like these that ruin substances for those who are responsibile enough to use it properly. These douchebags should stick to killing themselves with tobacco and alcohol.
    The problem isn’t with the use of a bad thing, it is the abuse of a good thing…too bad it wasn’t the 16th floor.

  9. besides the fact that it could of been a whole lot worse this was one of the funniest things ive seen in a while.

  10. that chick is as useless as a male nipple. he man could have been out there bleeding to death and all she could say is “i cant effin believe that.” lol. but hey at least you didnt break ur bong brother

    1. saying “smoking drugs is already a huge fail” is a fail in and of itself. drugs have been around longer then you and I bet you drink…which is a drug. so yeah…

    2. I am no kind of junkie. I do smoke pot but the term junkie is inaccurate for this class of “drug”. “Stoner” or “pot head” would be more accurate. Here in BC Canada the fact that I smoke pot or posses a small obviously personal amount of pot does not make me a criminal. Additionally, I will not now nor will I ever shut up. The freedom of opinion is the only true freedom no one can take away.

    3. Since buying it or growing it is a crime the only way to get drugs in legal terms ( unless you have a fucked up disease) is to finding it lost on the floor or something. So don’t try to hit me with that ” it’s not a crime” bullshit, because it is and you are a criminal. But you can’t understand any of this because drugs already screwed up your brain tissue… Fail

    4. buying it is not a crime here only trafficing it, possessing with the intent to traffic and cultivation(though you only get a “slap on the wrist” for less then six plants). Once again, you fail your argument. Additionally, you dont need a fucked up disease or aquire/grow legally…any number of many things are acceptable from Asthma and Arthritis to MS, Parkinsons and so on can get a licence to posses up to 6lbs for personal use or grow up to 25 plants for medical purposes. I look forward to your amusingly foolish reply.

    5. You are totally right, i fail my argument because i’m trying to argue to a junkie like you! Did you just say smoking pot is a way to treat ashma? What? Epic Fail!And you don’t have to use that wannabe polite tone on me, as i will always consider you a piece of shit as long as you smoke drugs, wich only makes you look like an cultural englishman who smokes pot instead of drinking tea. You smoke drugs, you are weak! Just face it! Smoking drugs is argument enough to say you lose! And you did, pal… you lost

    6. Marijuana IS used to treat asthma, if you actually think that’s a fail, do some research. The Japanese (as one example) have prescribed pot for asthma for many many years.
      Being polite isnt an act, I live my life by a philosophy based around respect and honor. Because this philosophy is my own and agrees with me completely, I have absolutely no desire to be directly rude or immature toward you. I dont care what you or anyone else thinks of me, I am an advocate the the freedom of opinion.
      I have lost nothing and wile I have my weaknesses like everyone does, I no weaker then you and hey if you want me to say something “defencive”, at least I dont act like a child and call people names. I am really quite curious if you drink alcohol at all? Also, you say “cultural englishman” but I think the word you were looking for is “cultured.”

      I await your next reply, I’m sure it will amuse me just as much as your last.

    7. I like how you put fail at the end of your own fails, it saves time. As you avoided the question I will assume you do drink thus you do do a drug. And at this point you will probably lie and say you dont drink or say its legal and there for somehow better then other drugs. Either way it’s a laughable, hypocritical statement (it is just as illegal to drink is public as it is to smoke pot in public here). Even sober people are just as amused by your lack of education and immaturity. What is truly amusing is that it’s people like you that keep drug dealers rich and governments powerless to stop or tax them.

    8. Joao must be Swahili for total jack ass.
      I love seeing the under-education comment on things far above their mental capacity. Spark it up Pyro404, and Jackass, try reading a book, maybe the emperor wears no clothes. And I think a bong rip would do your prick personality some good…

    1. we can…society however thinks the drug dealer should be in charge and thus keeps them illegal. If it was legal then and only then would the government be able to attempt to control it.

    2. I do more them smoke pot and I would rather it be legal. Not because I am afraid of going to jail but rather because I would love to open up a cafe. Besides, those that grow and sell here in BC wouldnt loose much business as the government quality mass production grass wouldnt hold a candle to those private perfectionists. I know I would keep going to the same person regardless of price or legality.

    3. All drugs should be legal. I developed this conclusion by two facts. First, The government currently has absolutely no control over the drug trade and has no control over alcohol during the american prohibition. And second, the laws put in place to control alcohol and tobacco wile might not work great, work well enough for society.

      As more and more things are made illegal you must understand that your right to choose is becoming more and more limited. This right and other human rights are seriously in jeopardy and societies paranoia and idea of “that’s dangerous and should be illegal” are the reason. Try not to give up your freedom quite so easily. Just choose to not do it is you dont want to.

    4. If they make it legal they take the hustle out of it. I prefer it illegal that makes it a buyers market.
      Besides whenever the government gets involved they figure out a way to fuck it up.

    5. Actually the legalization is what would make it a buyers market. As is drug prices are directly related to prison time the dealer could receive for selling the substance. As more laws are thought up and harsher penalties created, the price goes up. With the legalization the price would drop and these substances would be of easier access to those of us adults that choose to adventure in our subconscious now and then. Those that sell privately will likely continue to grow/sell just with different penalties and lower prices. Yes the governments of the world will fuck things up…they always do but at least it would be less fucked then going to jail for growing an obviously personal supply of grass.

  11. If had a “lighter leash” he probably wouldn’t have freaked out when his Bic hit the floor and gone all haywire. I’ll stick to weed. Dipsht will stick to dick.

    1. I’m not sure why but Salvia Divinorum is a type of sage, that could have something to do with it. Try chewing it instead of smoking it. This causes a more just content almost euphoric sensation. This is its traditional use (after dinner) and is generally enjoyable by all (no hallucination and you retain the ability to talk and use your motor skills).

    2. It’s illegal in some U.S. states. I know Illinois made it illegal about two or three years ago.

    3. Its becoming less legal to sell here(BC) but you can grow and possess as much as you want

  12. Salvia is a strong drug no doubt, these two kids are weak and dont have what it takes for a good tripp on salvia much less about a ten hour tripp on LSD. Thats trippin

  13. I’ve known a lot of drug users and they make me want to avoid drugs at all costs! Who would want to purposely look like an Idiot… sober friend or no to keep you “safe”. It is not cool to act that way. Babies can do that, and after a while it is time to Grow Up.

    1. Not all drugs cause the loss of motor or brain function like salvia. People dont do salvia with vanity on their minds, in many cases they just want to be temporarily entertained by a hallucination and in all reality it’s probably no worse for you then sitting in front of a tv for a couple hours. Have you ever filmed yourself watching tv or movies? I bet you’ll find you make some pretty “idiotic” faces without drugs. It’s been around two years since I’ve smoked salvia, I do chew it now and then but there isnt much risk of “looking like an idiot” as you dont trip out. But hey, everyone is entitled to their own opinion and no one, certainly not I is going to try to convince you to do any drug if you dont want to. Also, did you actually say babies can do drugs as long as they grow up and stop? It looks that way to all 5 people sitting in my living room

  14. Personally I’ve sampled a few times in different forms and the one thing i can’t wrap my head around is the fact that 85% of people who’ve tried it more than twice bring it up as a topic of conversation multiple times a day, even making jokes about it and how” your life will be better” or your ” mind will raise levels of…” ext. And all i got to say is if your life revolves around it id say you get a drug problem. Plain and simple. Im by no means straight edge, but its the same as that guy you probably know who trys to school you in every strain of weed or new forms of what i would call substance abuse….and a dependancy.

    1. where did you get your statistics? I would very much like to see how you determined that 85% is fact. I know a great many people who have never done drugs/only tried them once that make plenty of jokes about them and talk about them more frequently then those that do. I would make a bet that about 80% of everyone drug friendly or not, makes jokes about drugs and bring some aspect of drugs up in conversation on a very frequent basis.
      The argument “your life will be better if you use drugs” is an interesting one and settled easily. Consult a doctor educated in more then just north american medicine and they will likely be able to confirm or disprove the statement. Keep in mind though, pharmaceuticals in many cases do/are the same thing as some drugs considered illegal and in many cases are as or more addictive.
      If your life revolves around drugs you might simply be a pharmacist. If you life revolves around doing drugs/being high, you have a problem.

  15. LMFAO. I don’t know what was funnier, him falling out the window, or her saying from 4:45-5:15 “I can’t fucking believe you” like 20x

    then, @5:18 she says “can you believe me”

    They are truly a dumbass match made in heaven

  16. To whoever made this video…

    Many Thanks. I have laughed until I was in tears at dude falling out the window. Truly hilarious shit.

  17. I do salvia all the time i have never had anything like this happen. but of course i prepare myself for it before. slow calming music dim lights and i go into a meditative state. And i never have anybody sit with me i always do it alone.

    1. not a good idea to do things like salvia alone (though its also not good for the other person to smoke it at the same time). The other person is there for one big reason, you are unable to defend yourself and are prone to strange ideas when high on things like salvia so its a good idea for there to be someone to protect you be it from others, objects and/or yourself(as the video demonstrates). Besides, its fun to have the other person film it so you can review and laugh at yourself making stupid faces, laughing hysterically and trying to talk.

  18. Ok ok, kiddies…this is what happens when idiots do salvia. I’ve done 80 and 120x many many times, entered a completely different reality, did major self-healing and I’ve never had this happen.

    However, I did smoke it with a RETARD once, and he tried to climb my bookshelf/started screaming “OMG, IT’S THE SALVIA HOLE, AAAAAAAAAAUUGHHH!”

    If you know how to use it, it’ll open doors for you…otherwise you’ll be a complete fucktard and you’ll be the topic of discussion for years to come.

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