English Fail / Spanish Fail


People Fail

Submitted by I <3<3 mycookiemonster

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  1. Since I have a Master Degree in English, allow me to translate it in a correct way. This is what it says,
    “Listen up you Punk ass Bitches, from this day forward, we da employees and employers are gettin’ tired of your dang shit, cloggin’ up da damn toilet as if we got nothin’ better to do than to clean up your shit, so don’t do it or you will die, thank you. Thrutly your….The Directiva a.k.a. hitman Charlie”

    1. Have to say that the Mexies like to dispose of all kinds of stupid shit other than shit down the toilet. Like old underwear, crushed beer cans, and car batteries and shit. What’s up with that shit?

    2. @lol: Well, the common Indian Mexicans that’s suppressed by the well to do Mexicans that winds up here in the Uh.S that is trying to eat. What kind of Mexican are you familiar with? Have you not been to Mexico and seen the beautiful women there and not wonder why none of the good looking ones are not coming here? For fuck’s sake! When are you assholes going to wake up?

    1. dude dont you have anything better to do with your life then follow this linx dude around and talk shit to him? btw your shit talking is horrible get out of your mothers basement and do something with your life

    2. well said, most of these trolls are either 13 year old virgins that need a life or 30 year old virgins that need a life, just comment on the fail and shut the fuck up.

  2. Here it is, that’s what happen when specks coming in our beautiful country. They don’t even know how to speak their own language. They suck.

  3. The Spanish part is worst than the English one. WTF is are ‘toiles’? In Spanish is ‘retrete’ o ‘inodoro’. In some Southamerican coustries like Argentina o Uruguay also use the french word ‘toilettes’. But ‘toiles’ makes no sense. There are none written accents and bad use of caps. Also ‘Attentamente’ is not a word.

    1. I remember being taught that excusado could be used for toilet. But that was in high school, and that was…some time ago. lol
      Thrutly your,

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