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    1. dude you have absolutely no life…..congrats for epicfails biggest stalker ………you sir have failed at life……word…
      no homo

    2. wannabe me you must love me so much that you stalk my name but its alright because i am your father 😀 nd your mothee at the same time ahahahahahahahahahaahahahaha
      no homo

    3. money money money get a dollar & a dick
      weezy baby that crack mothafucka get a fix
      got money out the ass no homo but im rich

    4. Murder the beat, the beat was slain
      Rest in peace, that’s a shame, he kill anybody song
      Versatile as fuck, I switch it up like Dennis Rodman dome
      No homo you rock and roll, rest in peace my Styrofoam
      Now they won’t know what I be on
      Get the fuck off my dick, my cock, my bone

    5. I’m in a drop 6,4 low low
      When a hoe get hit no slow mo
      5 mil on the tour no promo
      I’m at the pussy niggas house no homo
      No homo, they slut like Tony Romo
      So fuck them and fuck you too now go tell that to bono

    6. @ ogdork and dipsht,
      im so sick of hearing about your israel zion bullshit. Inside job? you pussy bitches, thats why America is fucking your 3rd world contry in its skull peice.
      we slaughter your sons and make your wifes watch as we plug your daughters ass, and you will do nothing about it but troll on a fail website, get your shit together you camel fuckin sand crickets. Btw your music will never take you off non-rhymin, turbin wearin gnats, the acoustics in your cave aren’t quite right for recording. dont you have tech support call to answer?

    7. you motherfuckers will never get me to stop blastin’
      your better off asking Ariel Sharon for compasion
      your better off banging for twenty points for a label
      your better off battling cancer under telephone cabels
      Technique chemically unstable, set to explode
      foretold by the dead sea scrolls written in codes

    8. She likes the Donkey-Punch. She likes the Dirty Sanchez.
      Sometimes she even likes to fool around in your bed.
      She likes rough sex with handcuffs and I’ll be honest
      She likes me to Chris Brown her when she acts like Rihanna.
      She’s so therapeutic. When I need to cure my restlessness
      I br-br-br motorboat your moms breastestess.
      I didn’t wanna tell you, but I had to write this song
      Cause I’m in your house every night doin your mom.
      Havin sex with your mother and that makes me better than you.

    9. Yo,I’ve been stalkin your mom
      For like two years straight
      I’m way to shy to ask her out on a date
      So I just wait
      In your neightbours lawn
      With my camera ready and my camouflage on
      And I know that I’ll get plenty pics
      Once she leaves for work at exactly seven twenty-six
      I follow her on my bike,but its hopeless
      I cant keep up with her Ford Focus
      So I kidnap the golden retriever
      Wanted to return it just to please her
      But forgot to feed her
      Taking care of a dog is hard
      Gave it to her dead said it got hit by a car

    10. wax stalking your mum…. busted again you dumb fuck …. you wack as hell…….write your own shit then come battle me… loser….. dont fuck with the kosher you know ill kill ya… 9mm… strait through ya come lest see whos realer have your brains splatter all over the is pillar…
      sorry to say jews run the show… you are all slaves… and you know what the funny thing is.. you dumasses think your free…. hahahahahahahah tooo fucking funny..
      no homo

    11. I like Imabeast’s comment….. It’s truly unfortunate that scabs like dipshit are allowed to breed.

    12. @ImaBeast–you are a freak! and to anyone reading this please believe this FOOL is not the average american. I dont believe in raiding anyone’s country and hurting their women. Imabeast your sick, you have problems. You live in a trailer park-but not in it-In the woods surrounding it. People leave you ham sammiches sumtimes but mostly you eat roadkill.and when the people can start smelling you from twenty trailers away they let you in to shower and that is when you have time to post your pethetic comments. FAIL FAIL FAIL

    1. Yezzir
      It’s me…the rapper eater…feed me feed me feed me! No homo.
      One time for me, one time for the DJ
      He be Khaled, I be Weezy
      Baby if you ask me if you’re nasty
      Creative gifted bastard
      Spit sporadic
      I’m so diplomatic democratic
      Touch it, Bring it, Push it systematic

    2. put cock eater instead rapper eater.. it fits much better to u dipsht..u ARE a true homo..congrats

    3. And your mom will never forget that night when i took her like a piston on a steam engin Hahahahaha XD

    4. please leave !!!! you fuck up the comment flow seriously stop bein a pest you son of a zionist slave (Linx)

    5. If you dont like me posting (Ha!) No ones making you stay on Hahahahah who you going to call and complain to? XD

    6. linx tell your stinky ass mum…… she did a bad job raising you… seriouly last night you replyed to all my comments..i fell asleep woke up and ya still on this site stalking comments get a fucking life….you basically live on this site….epic life fail…ps your dads ass is tighter then a Jew…i love loving it….im in love with it
      no homo

    7. I like your mamas big butt, and I cannot lie.
      You other brothers can’t deny that she’s fly.
      We make sexy time, yes and every night I tap that.
      She saw me butt-naked, now she thinks I’m half black.
      Your moms the best, the super M.I.L.F.
      Cause she loves to toss the salad even though she aint a chef
      And I blame it on the al-al-al-cohol
      But If I were you, I wouldn’t kiss your mom on the mouth at all. Doing your mom!!!

    8. doin your mum lyrics fatty spins… dude come up with your own shit… you so fucking week my 10 yr old brother can beat yo ass..
      no homo

    9. @dipsht I typed in your lyrics to Google, and you ripped off 5 different rappers…..FAIL

  1. who is this guy, a John Wayne Gacy superfan? I would be suspicious of any strange smells in this dude’s place of residence…

    1. Yeah, now that you mentioned it, I guess I should throw mine away. Pink brings out my eyes better anyway.

    2. White Sunglasses could make Stephen Hawking look like a douche… just saying… they were never ‘in’.

    3. That was my daughter’s sunglasses cheese dick. Ever try to make a little girl smile by bein’ a fool. Eat shit if you hate kids so fuckin’ much.

    1. If this guy had a momma, it was three sexual convictions, two impared driving causing bodily harm and one long jail sentence ago.

  2. The people that operate this site need to ban sociopath retards such as “dipsht” from posting his opinions that no one even gives a fuck about. Dipshit – no need for the abbreviation, it’s clear you really are a fucking dipshit – not only are you taking up space on this little website, you’re a little pathetic excuse for a human that takes up fucking space and oxygen in this world. I hope you may one day consider choking on a huge cock, because everyone knows you love cock and that everyone wants you to fuck off, so that way we would all win!

  3. It is so sad how much hate is in the world today. We are going no where in this world if we dont change our ways. Love not hate!!!

    “All that we are is the result of what we have thought. If a man speaks or acts with an evil thought, pain follows him. If a man speaks or acts with a pure thought, happiness follows him, like a shadow that never leaves him.”

  4. Hey bro….. This is Isaac. What’s up with these dude’s talking a bunch of homo shit?….. They all gay for real? In prison you can tell the gays from the straights by the ones that play homo games with each other all the time….. they’re normally in the closet….. LMAO. I don’t think they’ve got a life at all talking about their momma’s to each other like that…… Probably just some bored homos. Trying to fuck each other behind their parents backs…… Probably got fucked by their daddy’s when the were babes. Damn I hate what child molesters do to their children………….

  5. I like george clooney’s reply…… I prefer to call people like that ‘scabs.’ They need to be picked off of the face of our race. I hate the fact that this country allows scabs like that the ability to breed.

  6. That comment didn’t contain any hate….. only truth from empirical observation. I know that the scab called dipshit won’t understand the vocab. Maybe this will force him to take the 6th grade over again.

  7. It’s sorta crazy…… This is the third Jewish cock eating child molesting rapper that I’ve met in the last decade. Lol. Someone will beat this punk’s ass and he’ll only continue to be a moron….. I wonder how many people will have the pleasure of beating this nubnutz face in before someone breaks his vertabrae?

  8. Any one want’s a tattoo….. Check out my albums on FB. This is my real name I’m posting under here. Look me up on FB.

    1. yeah, projection fail. This isn’t your hero character..this is clearly meant to emulate The Crow… and it’s a terrible job at it to boot.

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