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    1. My lions live inside a box like Jumanji,
      Sikh niggaz thatll stab you up like Indira Gandhi,
      So never desecrate the space on which I meditate,
      My thoughts rip through tank-armored metalplates,
      And start to resenate, to the spot where Moses caused the sea to seperate
      The place that the Prophet Muhammad started to levitate,
      The exact moment that Jesus rose dead awake,
      And Siddhartha became the Buddha that regenerates,
      Half a bar over but I bring it home colder than dead soldiers,
      Soul controler, holder of knowledge, so dianetics,
      Im like the whole library in Kemet with annunaki genetics!

    2. I two-step with Lucifer, and ever since i started dancin,
      Ive walked a fine line between Einstein and Charles Manson,
      Starvin in this famine with my stomach growlin,
      Like someone shouting a hundred thousand times louder than thunder poundin,
      Fuck around and Ill punch youre mouth in,
      Im king of the mountain, with my life in this project like its public housing,
      Counting on the fact i fire bomb entire songs,
      I wont stop until the worlds inside my palm like Viacom,
      Diabolic, Ill supply the higher wattage via fibre optic wire,
      Until you acquire some kinda knowledge,
      Coz life made me grow wiser than old-timers,
      Hot-headed like the ghost rider behind a slow driver,
      Sole survivor, flowin lavas second nature,
      So dont test, its best to save youre breath like respirators,
      Ill throw a punch at youre ribs that gives youre lungs asthma,
      And has you pouring out youre guts faster than Dutch Masters,
      Drunk bastard, past the point of no return,
      Like Denzel trickin Ethan Hawke into smokin sherm,
      Judgement overturned, held in court like Mordecai,
      Mortalize when i make statues bleed and portraits cry,
      Ill go to war for mine, Rebel Army guard the border,
      Im in the trenches barkin orders like Im Sergeant Slaughter,
      Pray to Jesus H for mercy and plead youre case,
      Coz on the frontlines youre dead the second that you see my face!

    3. Im a jew dont spew use live like sheep i plays for keep!!! Snippet from Tel Avivs Finest ( Riddin wid my Kabalah) out august 15

    4. another day , another dollar … all praise Jews…Lucifer…Zion
      we will have our new world order……….long live Israel
      no homo

    5. please go awat dipsht, nobody likes you

      Die Fahne hoch
      Die Reien fest geschlossen
      SA marschiert
      mit ruhig festem tritt
      Kam’raden die Rotfront und Reaction erschossen
      Marschier’n im geist
      In unsen Reien mit.

      btw, Auswitz is back for black

    6. my prediction for what they are going to respond with. Something with Zion, jewish, isreal, no homos, and they call me boring, im atleast chaning my replies with something new….They FAIL so much

    7. I don’t doubt that he’s got a poem titled “Ode to a Greasy Butthole”, so we better brace ourselves for some more coffee house poetry shit.

    8. This is a song by Immortal Technique and Diabolic! What a rat! Hope you ain’t trying to take credit for Frontlines!

  1. Has to be a Communist made video.Probably forced to “dance” at gunpoint,than raped,shot and fed to school children afterwards.

    1. You guys have it totally wrong. This is a video definately made for birth control. Who would have sex after watching this?…and I don’t masturbate to heifers either. Damn things belong on a pasture…ewwww.

    1. Yeah…this and Ragaeton sound just as bad as the other…but this isn’t Regaeton. I can understand the confusion though…LOL.

  2. you see, thats happen only when you let mongoloids on an pacific island with mates like them and with no sterilization and without a nursing staff for more than 1000 years.

    1. Uh…excuse me…but isn’t Japan an island in the Pacific infested with a Mongoloid race or relatives of, for more than a thousand years? Just asking.

    2. Sorry! Sorry!
      I would never try to be politically incorrect! Not “infested”, but, maybe “overrun” would be the proper euphemism?

    3. how about populated? … overrun… like they don’t belong… for shame… still racist

    4. Yeah. You’re right. I guess I do need to repent for that “infested” and “overrun” shit. Sorry, Japanese guy.
      But don’t get me wrong. I think the Japanese and all Asians are, probably, better than myself. It’s just such fun to make fun of each other, ya know?
      I like ’em! Uhspecially their cute little femmalians. Love them cutesy little bushes!

  3. Post-Op/Pre-Op tranny dance island? Next time don’t hire a choreographer confined to a wheel-chair! Where’s Godzilla when you need him?

  4. wow, im almost amazed not a single one of them got attacked by an octopus. yes. that was Henati joke.

    1. KILL ILLUMINATI!!!!!!!! yours sincerely friendly neighborhood troll… aka ZIONIST JEW!!!!
      no fucking homo aka
      no homo

  5. new track coming out soon from Tel Avivs Finest called (Riddin wid my kabalah) coming out august 15 2011 snippet (IM A JEW DONT SPEW I ROLL WITH A CHOSEN FEW WITH A 22 IN MY SHOE YOU CANT FUCK WITH ME AND MY CREW) hot hot hot hot coming out soooooon

    1. You post shit like this and you wonder why I troll you Hahahahahaha, and you call me boring.

    2. @linx…boring….but your dads tight assholes not 😀 … i wonder whos pounding that shit now…. hm……..
      no homo

  6. Wow, for a country that made Nintendo Wii…you would think that the Wii ‘dance’ was mandatory or something = /

  7. asians always suck at dancing.

    think they wanted the number one position of worst song/video ever from rebacca black.

  8. I guess this are a hookers and the producer pay them 10 dollars to do that epic moves. for the mans , sorry “mans” i dont have clue

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