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    1. I pray daily your involved in some nasty slow death soon, hopefully very painful and agonising, hit by a car and not quite killed outright, that would be funny and a definate win for this website, please don’t reply in your shit broken English

    2. Dipshit, you should probably start your own website. Call it, “Personalized Israeli Predictions for You” or something…

  1. Star Wars is much better than Harry Pothead. Just saying… if the movies were both made in the same year… no comparison…

    1. Oooooo looks like everyone is going to be anti semetic? from now on huh! Hahahahahahaha

  2. “A hero ventures forth from the world of common day into a region of supernatural wonder: fabulous forces are there encountered and a decisive victory is won: the hero comes back from this mysterious adventure with the power to bestow boons on his fellow man.” ~ Joseph Campbell, Hero With a Thousand Faces.

    The hero’s struggle is the same with every story, but yes, this is a bit fucking ridiculous. What a hack.

    1. Both of these stories are examples of the Monomyth and the Epic. If you actually read more than the summary of Campbell”s work, you will see how EVERY Epic Myth shares certain events and character archetypes. It’s what makes them all EPIC MYTHS!

  3. … why is this a win? it could fit with nearly every fucking fantasy/scifi action film…
    i mean theirs so much stuff u ll find in all films of that genre real obviously
    fucking fail for the one who made it to not realize that all action films have a hero olol

    1. I am NOT gay, it’s the damn media trying to sabotage my reputation! I LOVE titties!!

  4. hairy potter can move items better than the force can and he has a long-range weapon better than the lightsaber dudes its harry potter
    master of the video-game players

  5. It’s not a competition, it’s just supposed to be funny, Just looking at the comparsion the pictures next to each other, it’s funny.

    Maybe I’m the only one that sees that.

  6. come on, its not just star wars JK rowling rips off.. watch harry potter and look for the xmen and extreme lord of the rings similarities…. i cant stand it how people go on about how talented she is, shes a fuckin hack..

    1. You DO realize that JK Rowling doesn’t write the movies, right? There is more to a good author than the story, it’s the way it is written. Maybe you should actually try reading.

  7. There is another comparison

    female friend and reliable guy both get married and gets kids

    appareltny i need to warn you that this is extended universe stuff, because apparently a lot of “so called fans” doesnt like that nor the prequels… i like it all.

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