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    1. De Krekul as you see in the background is a creative and cultural education center that focuses on both adults and young people.
      So probably it’s a result of some lessons at that school.

    2. i don’t think it is coke……
      it looks more like Butyrate..
      google it… there is also nice vids of Butyrate junkies to see on yt……

    1. Fred, you might as well said “first” because you stole what I was about to post… nice work! Now, Queue the racist ramblings of a dip shit without a cause…

    2. Win? you know that myfriend almost won in a marathon, but tripped and broke her leg. and your going to say Win?

    3. What?!!!
      I finely polished my well crafted, artfully skilled comment and all I get is a “first to say first…. ahahahah i win…. you lose!
      no homo”.


    4. fred/smrt did you know that linx mother swallowed Freemason cum????????? Anti semetic pricks

    5. fred/smrt did you know that OgDoRk daughter swallowed my cum while i was donkey punching her 😉

    1. Never have done it… never will. With only one opportunity to make the most of your life, why fuck with the one organ that controls it all? I mean, I drink and I’ll smoke the occasional j but LSD, X, etc. is quite invasive…

    1. i came the whole way from japan to filming dipshit-san. he’s a wondeful idiot. i promised him a own talkshow in the japanese tv.

    2. ja ja ja ja… ignorant bastards… anti Semitic pricks…. long live Zion and Israel… we will have our new world order. 😀
      no homo

    3. dipsht please go cry in the corner of the basement where your uncle has locked you in to rape you every night. Israël sucks and has to be bombed. It’s sad that Hitler did’nt finish his work.

      Sieg heil kutjoden

    1. Yeah, I’d really like a translation for the different languages, or at least what language it is

    2. He isn’t speaking dutch the crazy guy.. and should considering the fact I’m dutch:D at 1:06 he says kale kut which means bold pussy.. the rest is just fucked up:P the maker of the is the only one that speaks normal:P

  1. Thus why I have never and will Never try drugs. Yes you escape for a few mins but you earn a lifetime on Epic Fail!!!

    1. so you no absolutely nothing that is mind altering? No coffee, no alcohol, no prescription painkillers? Kudoes, your pain tolerance is better then mine.

  2. looks like RoccoL’s father just got out of jail and into some bad cookup .rofl go get yo pops off the street man geesh.

  3. This looks fake. If he really was on drugs, he wouldn’t be able to do those frog jumps, and the little jumping jack he did in such a flawless way and he didn’t fall down once. But hey, I don’t know what particular drug he took IF he did indeed have drugs in his system.

    1. agreed.. at first i thought it was ketamine, or maybe butyrate… but he’s fair too coordinated for those.

  4. he is dutch he is so far away in space that he cant speak normaly any more so no russian
    and this is only possibul with dutch drugs their is no beter then ower drugs

  5. If they showed this on the “What Drugs Can Do To You” filmstrip, i assure you that rehab centers would fill up over the weekend >.>

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