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    1. ignorance has blinded allot of people..but not me Lucifer has shown me the light….. all hail Satan..amen
      im not homo etc.. 2 guys rubbing ball sacks with each other or 2 guys sword fighting with there shafts..i dont do those type of homo activity’s because im not homo
      no homo……..

    2. boycott anti Semitics…..Jews are grate people …take me for example….. do you feel me now? touch me feel me squeeze me..ill give it to you just how you like it boy… ja ja ja
      no homo

    3. ohhhh where do I start….. jews suck!, Zion takes it up the ass…..they killed Jesus, and dipshts secret is that he has no life so he waits for the posts

  1. I remember when shit like that seemed crazy and fun… now I’ll just sit off to the side and say things like “that’s what you get for being a fucking idiot.” How age makes us wise…

  2. Idiot, thats what you get for not getting out of the way by alot more than that. I’m sure that point felt real nice on your head.

  3. I’ll tell him like I tell my wife.
    After you pull that thing, get out of the damn way.
    Or it’s your own fault if you get shot in the eye.

  4. Why is there always some off-screen tard screaming “OH MY GOD!” like their getting fucked by a 10 pound cock in these videos? God is either dead or just doesn’t like you, otherwise the preceding-accident-caught-on-tape wouldn’t have happened; start yelling something else or just shut the fuck up and help your friend.

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