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    1. So, these guys work all day getting shit into that truck and are tired as fuck… then she, who hasn’t done a fucking thing except supervise, comes along and makes these guys look bad. P.S. she looked like a milf.

    2. OgDoRK Do you even know what semitism is? Because clearly in the contex you have used it…you don’t

    3. why do idiots tell there life story’s in there comments make it quick and snappy people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    4. Well, it’s like this: Why bust your ass? Why not act like you’re tired and sweating and just have a know-it-all woman come along and do the work for you, right? I mean, don’t work hard guys. Work smart. Right? The job got done, right?

    5. Us Uhmerican fucks are never going to make a real Mercedes until we start thinking like these German dweebs. It’s a part of this humility shit that I keep arguing over.

    1. damn right and the reason why she had to do it was because she was complaining about these guys and then they told her to make it herself

  1. If you take the bricks out of the machine it has no weight! Bricks? Yes there are concrete bricks inside so that the machine doesn’t jump around when it is washing your clothes.

    1. @raza that’s not what the vid proves, you cant hate women just because they wont sleep with you……. dumb ass

  2. She has bigger balls than both of them.
    They should saw off their junk with a hacksaw and hand them to her for safe keeping.

    1. Look how little time it took for the one guy to get the hand-truck – they had to have walked past it on their way out. Why is the woman taking the video?

  3. Its very clear that in the bedroom she would be ontop… hell she’s probably the one who penetrates.
    I like a girl you have to fight into the kitchen lol

  4. This is a science fail. Women naturally have more weight concentrated at their hips and are allowed easily to pick up materials while bent over at a 90* angle while men cannot because they have more body mass at their chests.
    BTW, I think this is fake and the men were struggling on purpose/because they drank too much.

  5. Unfortunately, it’s not a washing machine, it’s a tumble-dryer; they’re much lighter (a child with the right technique could do the same)

    1. It’s a front load washing machine, alright. She even calls it “washing machine”. In Germany, front loaded washing machines are much more common than top loaded. Also, most tumble dryers don’t have glass hatches.

  6. woman win! either one of them could easily have done what she did. they were just being lazy. typical.

    1. Its FAKE…. Dumbass. In other words it called acting. Do some dishes. Typical lazy woman…:P

  7. damn that girl punked them both out . Change your panties you deustch dumbass Weak sauce and grow some ballz.

    1. I do believe this is the least of your worries because you have to much to worry about considering that you have some anime as your profile pic.

  8. Good god.It’s clearly not a fake.That Fräulein could take the lot of you guys here.Don’t you know anything about female anatomy?

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