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    1. considering the puddle stains of car-related fluids on the dirt, this is probably the driveway; but the house does look like one of those bullshit it’s-not-a-trailer-if-we-remove-the-wheels deals which makes Dad’s classy “Jesus on the cross hovering over a grenade” tattoo make more sense.

    1. yeah the special ones, that kid is getting blue in the face. Probably why he’s giving her O2 🙂

  1. Parenting win?! How about some eye-protection for the girl before you blast dirt into her eyes at high speed, dumb-ass!

    Almost-win, yet still a FAIL!

    1. ….i think that the machine on the photo produce air…
      not dirt…….
      so, it’s a win..

    2. In the turbulence surrounding that high-speed jet of wind, dust gets kicked up and pulled into either the air intake or pulled into the air jet itself.

      Still a dumb-ass, you dumb-ass.

    3. Have u tried opening your eyes under such turbulent conditions, health and safety officer, “Please don’t run, u might trip, pleased dont jump u might fall” The girl has her eyes closed dumb biatch

    4. People like you ruin everything. She’s clearly having fun! Just because your father used an aerosol can full of tabasco sauce on you doesn’t make leaf-blowing your child’s face for shits and giggles wrong. I’d hate to see your children, the poor little shut-ins.

    5. Why post your identity on epicfail? You actually want to *date* someone here? =P think it through, woman

    1. I was thinking the same thing, only w/an insect….say, a bee getting sucked into the air intake port of the blower, and rocketed into her throat….OUCH!! I guess we’ve all done strange things for a laugh though…..

  2. I would say she could suck start a leaf blower, but then pedo bear will rear his head… still funny pic though lol.

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