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    1. dipsht, if you know she swallow’s, and take anal with joy, will you remain with that opinion?
      i’ll hit that anytime…

    2. No dipsht is just a troll. He just wants attention and people on this site keep answering him. If you’d ignore him, you wouldn’t give him something to pass his time with. This site’s his life. Just ignore it. He’s one of thousands out there, nothing different.

  1. because linxs father stole it for…homo bondage activitys ….lmao …………how many Jews does it take to take over earth? two because we dont die we multiply ….lmao aint i realy cool n funny? thank you thank you
    no homo

  2. Nothing says sexy more than some Eastern European trollop posing in front of some decrepit Cold War era commuter train.

  3. lol funny comment is i dont see the train moving.. all i have to say is wow, really! i didnt know you can see anything movie in pictures unless you trippin on LSd…lmao

  4. It’s an old train. Look where she’s posed – grass is growing on that area of the tracks. Looks like no train has passed there in years.

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