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    1. pig farmer? since your jewish you realy cant be saying things like pig farmer….. its not kotcher, jew FAIL

  1. So… the fall from the bridge didn’t kill him. Hopefully all those dumbasses were run over by a train?

  2. so was the fattest man on earth filming this? ive never heard some one breath so heavy that wasnt asking for more butter

  3. This is what happens when man shows sympathy and the weak and stupid get to pass on their genes, negating natural selection altogether. This is what is dumbing down america!

  4. Wow. Of course, stupid to do it. But you have to give the guy props for being super tough. I was wondering if he was dead or would survive his broken back, but he walked away!!!

  5. HOW IS THIS A FAIL? He landed on his feet, then he walked away…

    Daredevil = win
    Fucking tough bastard = win

  6. that’s so totally stupid… I mean… whatcha expect?
    It’s a miracle he didn’t even break his leg…

  7. Epic Epic EPIC Fail! Dude landed in the sitting position and threw all that momentum backwards instead of absorbing it… But hey, props for having the balls to try a flip, tho 20 feet isnt that big a fall.

    1. 20 feet? That was quite a bit more than 20ft, probably closer to 35/40. Guy is completely fucking nuts to try that, amazing he didnt shatter both legs.

  8. That put’s the jack ass boys to shame, but I wouldn’t want to stand in that boys way he’s fearless. Poor Parents.

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