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    1. so im thinkin that everyone on here prolly just sits on there ass just so they will continue to look pretty. we were at a club…at a foam party n we did it big so get over ur self HATERZ!!!!

    2. Hollie, are you the one in the middle? if so, I’d like to cook you dinner, then rape your unconscious body. (guess the secret ingredient!)

  1. WHAT THE SHIT STOP DELETING MY POSTS you retards. Just because I’m from Islamistan does not give you the right to be discriminate against me.

    1. shut up Haji…. you’re from dolton Iowa or some bullshit that sounds just as made up you John walker lindh wannabe.

  2. I’d be happy if they deleted every post that said “first” or made a reference to Israel, Islam, etc etc. That shit is just plain tired. You wore it out last year.

    1. Pedobear, my friend, how are you? These 16 year-olds are a little on the old side for you, aren’t they?

  3. eww they’re sickly looking..I’m afraid to look at them directly cause they’ll probably want to eat me haha. As for the Haji situation..yall better do what he says or he’ll strap a bomb to his chest and try to bear hug you lol

  4. Using my powers of deduction, I can safely say that all 3 of these girls likes to take one up the bum on numerous occasions.

  5. I hope they were at an 80’s party and if so they failed. And if they look like that everyday. Please ladies get a makeup artist or just get a new face.

  6. LMFAO!!! this is truly the shit. I agree i look like an arm load of assholes in this picture but i cant lie…..this is funny as hell.

  7. I think we should play a rousing game of “fuck, marry, kill” with these chicks… ok, I’ll go first,
    I would fuck the one on the left with the piercings (looks kinky)
    Marry the skinny crazy bitch in the middle (save on food)
    Kill the big goofy lookin one on the right (cost too much on food)
    Anyone else wanna play?

    1. Yeah, I’ll play. But I say we play them against each other; try to predict when they’ll figure out our plan and then have a back up plan to pit them against one another again, and then run like hell.
      I know it’s risky, but hey, lots a nooky time in between, ya know? It’s the best way to get pussy in my opinion. Just sayin’.

    2. That sounds good. When we are running away, we can trip the fat one… while the other two swoop down on her, we can make our getaway…

    3. Naw, come on man. We can have these dumb bitches working for us. What we do is just pose as porn producers, see? We’ll make a few twenties and make a show of good “faith”.
      Then we’ll play them against each other as to which is the best porn star, fuck all their heads and screw the ugliest while the best looking is going thru that 2 day period before her period; it screws the head because they can’t understand why you screwed the ugly chick instead of the best looking one in a heat of love type situation, and we’re off on different adventures before any of the three figure out what’s going on.
      The idea is to just keep them confused, man. Women are not as confusing as you dipshits like to give them credit for. Just sayin’.

    4. Dude, I think I’ve seen a scenario like this playout on craigslist…
      It sounds like you have it all planned out! Maybe it is just the married women I find confusing……. but, you still have to factor in the ones like Lorena Bobbit…. or the chicks that figure out that you are fucking with them and just bite your shit clean off…

    5. Amby, we don’t talk like this with ladies. We’re scopin’ a plan. Just be cool. We would never treat a lady of your caliber in that fashion. We’re discussing the gals in this pic. Screwin’ over dumb chicks for their money and kooche is the way we make our way up to high caliber girls like yourself. Be patient. Your diamond is coming, okay?

    6. Well, now, don’t get all “OOHHH a diamond!!!” on me yet.
      Let me score some strange stuff, save my money and then I’ll score you a big ol’ diamond flake.
      Just bear with me.
      BTW: When’s your nest period due? Just askin’.

    7. PST! Hey Dora, never use the “D” word around women!

      So, Ambster, uhhhh, I am not sure which would be sexier…. you in no panties, or those tiny little things…. I think some pictures are in order…

    8. Uh…I’m sure I’m gonna get dissed and dismissed, but I think Amby is about two days before. Just sayin’. Lot’s a luck, Thor.

    9. Hey, Amby. I’m just listenning to Thor’s advice. Sorry if he offended.
      The fucker is a dick, aint he?

    10. hahaha ~ my advice? Which was it, don’t mention the engagement ring and distract them with some shiny shoes? Yeah, I’ll take credit for that one.

    11. Ok Dora- what makes you say that?? Lol @Thorr- ketchup for the taco? LOL!! Who said engagement ring!? Lol I just like diamonds in general! 🙂

    12. Sorry if I’m wrong Ambster, but I’ve just noticed that chicks get a metal taste sound in their mouths about two days before.
      Can you taste copper right now?

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