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    1. can u stfu with the no homo shit damn how is saying israel greatest country on earth and so on is no homo stfu !

  1. I have worked with fireworks. I think the reason for this to happen is because he was only holding around the piece. Everyone familiar with fireworks knows that you have to support the bottom as well. The charge could as easily have gone straight downwards thru the bottom. Some fireworkds you simply can’t hold either because too much power will be absorbed by your arms instead of helping the charge fly up. This could also result in what we saw in the video.

  2. Yo This Is What Happends If You Play………………………. Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2 , They HeadShot Him Then They Noob Toob Him xD xD .

  3. Behold the new firecracker called RainShower. Rainshower shoots out many dust looking objects after its lit, after a couple of seconds in the air the objects explode, implode and lights up. You can use it for pranks on friends with the intention to hurt them or as a distraction. Order Now by calling 1-(888)-500-Not-REAL 🙂

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