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    1. all those black haired beauties and a blonde mom?i don’t think so,unless she dosnt have the snatch to match

  1. Oh! It’s a before the baby, then after the baby picture starting from the right and the result on the far left.

  2. sure the others have a better looking body but I still think the one to the left has one of the prettier faces amongs them, I mean look at the third one from right I mean wtf.

  3. All in all not a bad looking housekeeping staff; now girls, I need extra towels, a few more bars of soap, a second ice bucket,…

  4. Thats Exactly Whats Wronq With This World Today ! Dayum Yall Puttinq Here Down Cause She The Biqqest o1 In The Group ! & IBet She Feels Left Out Cause Of Dumb Fucks Like You Epicfail ! Big Girls Can Shine Just A Briqht As Skinny Girls Can ! IHope She Doenst Let Stupid Ass Childish People Like You Get To Her !!!

  5. It must be a unwritten, undiscovered, rule of the universe, sort of like dark matter, that in every goddam picture of hot chicks has one fat ass skank,and thirdly why do fat chicks only fucking post pics from the neck up?

  6. The one on the far right is the hottest, but the blonde mom would be WAY better in the sack. I’d let the fat one have some too.

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