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  1. She’s better at it than I’d be. She needs some of that stuff that coroners put under their nose. What is that?

  2. Yea, real funny… I’m sad to live in a world where people think it is worth filming someone doing this, to be able to pay their bills.

    1. Yorkshire humour… you’ll notice despite the gagging she was laughing along with them. They might even have been her colleagues (they seemed to have some experience of the job themselves).
      Gotta love t’yorkshire accent 😀

  3. What a shitty job. I used to do the same thing on private airplanes after high school and it got to the point where I could eat a sandwich while dumping the sludge out at the same time.

  4. Perhaps she should have went to college or learned some other marketable skill.
    Let this be a lesson. If you don’t learn to do shit, you’ll have to clean shit.

    1. Hmmm… But maybe she didnt have possibility for go to college or to learn something? Perhaps she got poor parents, or some kind of mental disease? You’d never know. So dont be judgemental or you will end up like this retards who filmed it.

    2. Well, college isn’t for everybody. Don’t buy into the “college is for everybody” myth. A person could always learn a trade, and not have to pay student loans for the rest of his life. 😉

    3. That is the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. Everybody no matter how poor has the opportunity to learn something.
      It doesn’t take a degree to get a job where you’re not cleaning RV septic tanks.

    4. If everyone went to school and did the same things, who would be left to do these jobs? (That obviously need to be done). Not you, I’m guessing. Someone has to do it! And if shouldn’t be her!!!

    5. @ Tex: in theory, you are right. However, back here in the real world (especially back in the 60s / 70s when she prob had the ‘opportunity’ to attend college), not everyone gets those opportunities for various reasons.

      You’re right though in that it’s a great incentive to make the most of yourself 😀

    6. You don’t have to go to college to learn a trade or a skill. Anyone who does this for a living fucked their life off when they were young. This is what happens when you do that.

  5. this isn’t funny in one aspect but to everyone who has gone through any similarities as this and i am guilty as charged yea all know it is funny for the thought of having to do something like this,even if picking up some smelly dog shit and the gagging feeling is funny,Click yes it is a fail for the funny

    1. haji ur a fake muslim (Islamistan) ???????? you nhave been officially Exposed !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Come and join the freemasons 🙂

    2. You and your ‘friends’ (I’m fairly certain you’re all one person) are so transparent. It’s obvious none of you are jewish, people generally try to make the best appearance for their faith / creed… I believe you’re doing your utmost to make the jewish look like dickheads.
      Between you all, you actually make the comments section here on EF a really shitty place for everyone else who has to see your constant utter bullshit. Congrats.

    3. Haji:
      You’re a fucking fag. You’re most likely a 12 year old who is still trying to grow hairs on his balls. You can’t say half the shit you typed on here to a Muslim’s face so bitch puhlease.

  6. Cracker… no wonder why you guys burn in the sun… you bake easily man. How does it feel to get soggy when you wash up and smell like WET DOG?!?!

  7. WTF yoyo. If you’re going to troll, at least try and be witty. You really are pathetic. People like you make the world mentality go backwards.

  8. Does anyone else think that this is a dumb way to do this? irectly into the toilet? You really don’t know that what’s in there is gonna flush… You would think they had a better way to do it.

  9. You’re that piece of white trash turd that girl is dumpin down the toilet !! say what you wanna say but ignorance will always be part of your sorry miserable life. God have mercy on your dumbass soul

  10. At least, she makes an honest living. She is a woman. She might not be a ten but trust me, she could have easily found a job lying on her back and spreading her legs. I have nothing but respect for her.

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