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    1. @myself
      So keep on gettin’ your paper and keep on climbin’
      Look in the mirror and keep on shinin’
      ‘Til the game ends, ’til the clock stop
      We gon’ post up on the top spot

      Livin’ the life, the life

    2. dissapointed you’re not first so trying to make up for it by pretending to be weird and attention seeking? oh dear

    1. at least, they are actually moving around and getting out of their houses unlike your obese, video game obsessed american kids.

    1. She dont say “AGARRA” she say Macarra other girl say “macarrita” macarra is when a person is aggressive and “macarrita” is dim ye is spanish(latino)

  1. mother nature..vital to your existance and yet you try to tear its arms should have launched her 800 feet into orbit

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