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    1. FORTH!!! lol that dipshitt sissy is sleeping with his tedybear instead of refreshing all day….

    2. seventh:) dipshit will be mad, for the first time he entered this site we always was on the 5 top places of posting lol

    3. ok i get it… all you guys are homo and tryin to cover it up by saying no homo ye?
      well let me tell you i had some stinky anal with all your fathers last night (big orgy) and enjoyed it very much.. witch i was sad that i didnt produce enough man juice to facial all of them please forgive for i have sins..i am first i allways will be first and im not homo aka no homo
      no homo!

    4. NP, I like trolling those Jewish FAILs 😀 im not realy racist, but i cant stand a self hating jew

    1. @ dipsht: the more you say no homo… the more homo u seem… just sayin… kbye (:

  1. C’mon is anybody really surprised to see this after how many infants we’ve seen around the world smoke? Jesus Christ people not everybody lives the life of a safe American get over it already.

  2. Meh you epic people are always with the “parenting fail” its really not gonna affect the child, its probably just a cute joke not something they do everyday also its a damn baby, not gonna get it.

  3. best time for a cigarette:
    a) after sex
    b) after a meal
    c) after you dump out in your pants

    Photo aptly titled “PostPartum Abortion”. Chinese population control brought to you by Phillip Morris

  4. This is why asians have the highest mortality rates due to lung cancer. They start so young. F*** the bottle give me a cig!

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