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    1. I agree Britt…I mean, how is it a fail to be a heavy chick hanging with a bunch of thin/fit girls? If they’re friends, they’re friends, Jesus Christ. I get tired of seeing these lame ass “fitting in” fail pictures. And you’re right, face-wise she’s actually cute.

    1. Who the fuck brought you along?
      Serious,like youre super “fine”
      Just get the fuck out –>

    1. ‘cos the fat ones are always a bit slower when it comes down to quickly posing for a photo shoot, so they end up on the far end of the composition

  1. Soooooo sick of all the shallow people who judge these girls by how they look. Did it ever occur to you all that perhaps the reason all these “pretty” girls hang out with the big girls is because they are NICE and kind and don’t judge. Fat is fat but you all are ugly all the way through!!

    1. Well I`m not on here to be the polite guy that buys you dinner before he plows you like it`s a snow day. And besides, don`t you agree that the hyppo of a woman has a minor weight problem to say the least?

  2. Hey at least she’s got curv.. well, at least shes a non sm… uuum well, shes got nice ski.. Wow, what a gross bitch.

  3. i dont know whats the problem, shes fat, but shes a human -.-, i swear all of you are very ugly and just for that you say these things about her…

  4. choke on it bitches ther is alot to hate on them
    you hate on what youre missing little sluts
    take him up your wide open asshole
    envy everything on them…

  5. Well for those guys who said “oh this one is hot” or “all of them are hot except the fat chick” are complete fags…..what if she has a metabolism problem?! And the “hot” girls are probably bitches and just hang out with the other girl cause they know that guys would pay attention to them more….well you know what?! Those guys who stood up for the phat girl (Pretty Hot And Thick) well God loves you and God bless!! But I cant wait until those jerks find a really pretty girl and for her to tell them in their faces that they’re either too ugly, too fat, or both cause that’s just what you guys did…..

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