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    1. Fuck the American Goverment, America is based on Secret society’s and modern day mass muderers .One president spoke out againts everything JFK and he got popped in the head ?????????????????????? what what the truth ??????????? Truth from Tel Aviv Real Jew rollin with a 22 in my Shoe

    1. Not that I’m trying to diss my country or australia… but it defo originated in one of those countries!

      Anyway, fair play to the guy at the back for not joining in this ridiculousness (although it could just have been because they ran out of space!).

    2. Tikatak fails at bashing Americans … (he’s probly too dumb to realize there are 2 Americas, North and South. they are also continents, not countries. L2Geography)

    3. So sean your telling me that north america isn’t a country and that its a continent? Your a fucking idiot. North america is a country . Canada, north america, mexico. all of those together would make it a continent.

    4. No, Scojo, Sean is referring to the North and South of the American Civil War, in which the Great American Country was split into two separate entities that have yet to reconcile, very much like North and South Korea.

    5. scojo, you are a retard, america as a whole is a continent! North America is canada, usa,mexico. South America is from Colombia south to Argentina and chile, and central america is every country in the midle but its all on same continent you ignorant!!!!

    6. wow scojo you are dumb north America is a Continent it is not a country we are the united states of America you dumb fuck keep your fuckin mouth closed

    7. Sean, I guess you’re “probly” too dumb to realize that when someone refers to “Americans”, he’s referring to citizens of the United States of America. No one uses “Americans” to refer to everyone in both North and South America, and no one in other countries in these continents besides the U.S. calls himself an American. You knew that, right? So either you’re playing dumb, or you really are that dumb.

    8. i wanna join…. its not north america, it’s the united states of america, because north america is the continent that canada, mexico and the USA are a part of…. jesus

    9. America is a continent with 3 subcontinents North America: from Canada to Mexico, Central America: from Mexico south border to Panama isthmus and South America: from Panama isthmus to Patagonia. American is a gentile for people of the USA and for people of the Amercian continent. It’s very simple to understand.

    10. Who gives a fuck if its a country or a continent. Americans are all stupid fucking hill billys! You can call yourselves a country or continent but you cant change that fact!

    1. The “stacking” is called loose packing (not very many)or tight packing (packing as many as possible at once). Planking is a game where u mimicking a “plank” in the most public place u can find!

  1. They are merely practicing for when the coroner’s office scoops them off the street after they have been gunned down at a birthday party, game of checkers, or graduation party.

  2. Planking origanated from slave planking ships why would african americans try to plank thats just ridiculous.!!!

    1. That’s like saying the sole purpose for the invention of the whip was for slave obedience and we all know the whip was invented for Zorro,lol

    2. @Deysayiimtoomuch…there is no such thing as “slave planking ships”. The ships at that time were referred to as Middle Passage boats. The slaves were indeed layed face down BUT this was not called PLANKING, this was called loose packing (not very many slaves at once),or “tight packing” (when they packed as many as they could onto the ship). More often than not it was tight packing b/c they would lose slaves to suicide, disease, or “fixed melancholy” which happens when u just simply give up the will to live any longer.
      Planking is a game where u lay face down, arms to the the side in the most PUBLIC of places (like in the mall). Planking is mimicking a PLANK!!! There is also owling, coning, and toothpicking. So there’s your HISTORY lesson of the day. If ur black shame on u for not knowing this, and if u’re white, now u know!!

  3. you get creativity points for just laying down with your hands by your side,its big on face book so if you lay on your stomach on top of a girl and you dont have cloths on your not fucking your planking,

  4. Without America = no computers, no internet, no modern technology of any sort. This is because of the fact that every other country in the world = fags.

    1. Wow you are really ignorant. I am sorrry to tell you but America isn’t the greatest and didnt invent all the modern Technology. Plus your comment has nothing to do with this Post.

    2. i think that you are a little to redneck / close minded to see that all that technology was made in japan first and invented there first, to add to this a fag is not an acceptable word to use when its obvious you are being Hippocratic towards yourself.

  5. “Gary Clarkson and Christian Langdon in 1997[4] It first became popular in North East England,[5] then all of Britain by the summer of 2009”
    Stop blaming America for all of britain’s stupidity.

  6. dahts cool how dey did daht but man EPIC FAIL aye niggah did u have a nice sniff of ass rofl did iht taste good rofl 😀

  7. Planking is just another way for them to just lay around and do NOTHING….did you think they would get up for any reason other then have more kids they don’t take care of??? Thats what our taxes are for.

    1. How can you say that when whites are the ones that were to lazy to tend to their own farms or children that they enslaved africans and have them do it down to breast feeding their children… about lazy…smh

  8. this is funny since “planking” started when the whites had to man dead slaves and had to “plank” them to make room. look it up and maybe colored people shouldnt do that anymore..

  9. Wow this fail got racial really quick. As for Americans we are not all that bad and not everyone even in the country are hill billy’s.

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