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    1. You will be sorry when you find yourself getting cooked in a frying pan with some salt and a hint of jalapeno added to you in hell. Praise Allah.

    2. not knocking a religion here but isn’t she showing too much skin for the islamic community?

    3. Haji you fake !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! haji is Swedish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    4. Frying pan alert you silly Americans. Islam will dominate. First we will take over France, since 10% of France’s population are Muslims, then we will take over Britain, the gay safe-heaven by 2020, then the winds of change will finally arrive to America. New York shall be known as the city of a thousand mosques ( the same as Cairo, Egypt ). All women will be covered from head to toe by the burqa. Boys and girls will be separated and will be obliged to attend different Islamic schools being run under sharia compliant laws. Munch on that you silly Americans.

    5. There is no God, your all going to die and maggots are going to be eating our big penis’s.

      The last blow job.

    1. Dude, nobody thinks you’re foreign, everyone thinks your a silly little cunty chops. Give up, you look stupid.

  1. Wouldn’t you know, it’s a white girl with her “no ass” in the air and you white boys will tap “it”…nasty asses. If that was your son seeing that shyt, you’d beat her ass. Great parenting, huh!

  2. I’d annex her in the great country of My cock in her Vag and the 1st of many states in that great country would be the great state of my hand on her boobies cause she’s soo for the lil boy his parents need to keep his ass from wondering off if they don’t want him learning the full anatomy of a female at the age of 8.

  3. Haji…. you’re an american…. just quit. and secondly if you “WERE” a radical muslim, you damned sure wouldnt be telling us your plans of “take over” or mentioning Jalapeno’s. fucking douche…. Damn…. I’d like to lick her thighs

    1. There is a nifty little trick out there for this specific problem… They are called Kegel exercises…

    2. Uh…sorry. I misread what you typed. I thought it was bowling pins. I don’t think I’ll ever get up to bowling balls.

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