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  1. Hilarious thats there’s a whole bunch of spray painted penises on that bridge. LOL
    This truck driver is one hell of a dick.

    1. I notice that I would make you eat my shit if you had the balls to say that to my face, but of course if you met me you would fucking run away at the thought that I would ever hit you. Trust me, you would not mess with me IRL.

  2. What the shit?? Gotta wonder why he opted to drag the entire fuckin trailer under the bridge when he might have stopped somewhere closer to the moment he realized it wasn’t gonna clear… Somebody needs to nominate that bitch for a Darwin Award!

  3. Ive seen that happen on the Northern State Parkway on Long Island. I guess he did not see the sign that is posted on every onramp……”NO TRACTOR TRAILERS LOW BRIDGES”

  4. This is def. Pensacola. Its the 17th street bridge, and its not the first time some asshole jammed themselves under it. A few semi’s a couple of R.V.’s. Sad how oblivious people are, or just plain stupid.

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