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    1. Hooray for you retard! You should frame this, its about the greatest.accomplishment you’ll ever have!

    1. lol Agreed! Bonus points. Should make this into a flash game. Flinging people at gas stations.

  1. HAHAHA I just laughed my scrawny ass off. Especially I liked the part when he was suffering from the pain on the ground

    1. i am american, i live in america, and i can tell you, ameria/americans are the laughing stock of the world because 99% of us have become lazy, fat ass retarded dejects, whom act just like you, fucktards. your cool haji.

    2. Hey Haji, you mean Kolpa. And Islam is only practiced by 1% of Croatians. The rest are Catholic. Praise the Pope cuz you’re a dope.

    3. My advise for that guy.
      Before you label your own kind as retards, you should learn when to use an apostrophe.
      Now go suck on some smelly, foreign cock you dick rider.

  2. i say this is a win for the driver .get some retard fill ya car up n then chip off with out paying.. win win… and y do the retarded idiot kids have to say “first” on posts??? just shows how pre pussy getting they are..

  3. Full flip, but then it took him a while to realise his back hurt.
    Have YOU been injured in an accident that wasn’t your fault?

  4. Would of been so much funnier if he got sprayed with gasoline and the woman in the car drove back and threw a lit lighter out the window. He starts running around on fire and then the gas station blows up…ha ha ha classic

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