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  1. I like the guy whos just standing there, smoking his cigarette and dont give a fuck about this stupid peace of cunt.

  2. That’s not a fail – in fact I wish more people would just use the next free pump instead of waiting for the one one ‘their’ side to be free. Ok, a foot closer would have been better.

  3. How is this a fail? People do this. She’s just not close enough and was too lazy to move a little bit over. Thats the fail if anything.

    1. are you trying to be funny or are you actually retarded? it’s not that she’s “just not close enough”, it’s that her car should probably be parked with the gas can on the same side as the pump. that way she doesn’t have to look like the dumb bitch you must be.
      i wish we could zoom in on that license plate… any guesses?

    2. da nitty gritty
      i worked at a gas station couple years ago, alot of people do this does this,most car have their pumps on the left side. if everyone waited on their right side then it would b never ending lineups n unfortunately people have jobs to get to u ignorant fuck im guessing u dont drive or dont have a job.

  4. haha, relax tard muffin. and what were you trying to say? ALL SHE HAS TO DO IS COME IN FROM THE OTHER SIDE! haha, no wonder you work(ed) at a gas station, i suggest you get properly educated before you try to burn someone online, k bud?

  5. Bitch are you retarded? It’s called going around the pump && making sure your car is in the right direction before you start pumping the gas. Damn bastards. Look at all the people looking at her. She might as well of just strangled herself with the fucking pump cord. Haha!

  6. That is a Minnesota plate, which makes her a “mudduck” which does explain everything, including the eight people she cut off to get to that gas station….

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