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    1. honestly… wtf is your problem with jews. if you did not realise already, you are not the only non-jewish person in the world. you sound like cartman . fucking grow up asshole.

    2. Kelly you should protest against the Jews. Everything that has been invented, built or operated by Jews, just cut it out of your life. No more movies, banks and most websites. Maybe you will get some work done instead of trying to be first all the fucking time. You are a cum dumpster of the highest degree. Shut your man pleaser and get back to you Hot Dog on a Stick lemonade duties.

    3. Linxs is back dipshit EF cant keep me down by blocking me… i have so may computers to go to LOLOLOLLOL

  1. DAMN bitches be crazy! Oh and only saying “first” so i don’t have to hear any other ass hole say it…….

    1. are you serious??? she put the penis in the garbage diposal and turned it ON.. you do know what a garbage disposal does right???

    1. What he did? She drugged, mutilated and nearly killed him for filing for divorce. Must be his fault. I hope you have sons, and your whore mother does this to you, and them.

    2. @Cecil:
      Lorena Bobitt was found not guilty for doing the same thing to her husband. It makes some precedent case for Mrs. Becker’s defence attorney.

  2. Unless he was raping and beating her, he didn’t deserve it. If he WAS, then she shouldn’t have even been there, so… pretty comfortable calling BS on this one. Hope she has fun getting mutilated in prison. Or better yet, throw her in solitary for as long as it takes a bitch to die.

  3. She wanted it, so she could complete her transformation to a “complete” male. Since already looks like a guy.

  4. If a bitch cut my dick off, that bitch would die a slow agonizing death. I don’t give a fuck. Unless dude gave her aids or herpes, or beat her, nothing else in the world deserves that

  5. She will be found not guilty just like the chick that murdered her daughter. They will claim there is not enough evidence. Just shows how screwed up our legal system is.

  6. i dont know but am i the only one who thinks life is a bit harsh. that should be kept for killers and rapists. not angry divorcees

  7. Why wasn’t this National news like the Bobbitt de-penising? This actually seems worse, Lorainna just threw it in a field, this bitch put it in a disposal. Ouch!!

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