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    1. Planking is staking slaves in the merchant ships one on top the other. Between cargo bays there was always a gap of 3 to 4 foot. You could not stand and kneeling required too much room. And so what if the one on the bottom died, 75% is a good outcome.

  1. Wtf is planking anyway? And come on people you had to know something like this was gonna happen. People don’t think. lol

  2. weak, planking is a stupid type of dance move believe it or not said to be part of a Gothic dance by many “though i don’t believe this as i have a good friend who is and always will be a true goth, where you just lay on your belly and put your arms at your side. it seems morons have stretched this act to stupid levels.. keep it up. i get a kick out of r-tards..

    1. you couldnt be more wrong, planking is how slaves were stacked on ships. its a stupid trend… nothing against the act, but still stupid.

    1. No…fucking…shit! Why is this the “in” thing? I prefer masturbation, myself. I mean, when I’m bored, that is.

    1. r u serious , this WHOLE section of comments tell u wat it is , and the vid helps -__-

  3. this whole planking thing is an EPIC FAIL itself…ppl need to stop doing it and see how fucking stupid they look.

  4. first pretending to fuck furniture, now planking. Nice to see black folks aren’t immune to the jackassary that white folk has been guilty of for generations. ijs

  5. I love this, I was hoping she was gonna bash her face on that stove. That’s what she gets for being a dumb-ass. And STOP PLANKING!!! You’re taking a decent exercise, doing it wrong, and ruining the whole thing.

    1. as a black man, it is impossible to be offended by someone that is obviously autistic.

  6. im going to make up somthing stupid and name it and see how long it takes for the world of idiots to do it on the internet ,friggin retards

    1. I’ll let only epic fail know what it is when i start it I’m guessing it will take about 6 months to become as stupidly ridiculous popular on the net,this is going to be kool1

  7. I made a remix of the above planking kitchen vid called “Planking Fail: Remix Stove Girl Will Rock You” and posted it on youtube. People are loving it

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