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    1. Agreed, the funniest and maybe best tv pitchman ever. Just reading this WIN makes me lmao.

  1. Math is a crucial part of brain development. Those who avoid math mostly likely avoid social responsibility and are more likely to work on an assembly line or take food orders than contribute to society. In every civilization, there needs to be a lower class.

    1. and when you’re shining your boyFriends knob, i wonder what social class that puts u in! your comment was unnecessary!

    1. OxyClean Spokesman. He got them on the map. It use to only come in powder form. Since then, they have expanded their product line. My mom uses it. It works great!

    2. Hi, Billy Mays here with Googlesearch, find anything on the web, look at pornography free of charge, find out what ‘soaking’ is or just discover how to make your own cloroform. Nothing beats the power of Googlesearch!

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