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  1. Nooooo,just fuck the bitch and don’t love her..
    You belong to the darkside..It’s your destiny…


  2. Psh. This dude’s not only a dork, he’s an idiot. Luke didn’t crawl up inside his tauntaun… Han Solo sliced it open and shoved up inside there because he was unconscious… What nerd, right guys?

  3. What’s even more disturbing than this letter is the number of comments that correct his star wars trivia points on their technical accuracy. Yeah, like his accuracy about star wars is what’s f’d up about that letter!

  4. Ummm, HUGE FAIL: everyone knows that Luke didn’t crawl inside the tauntaun. Han put him in it to keep him warm. Wow, this guy really is a looser… HAHA…

    1. Dragonball Z Abrided, By Teamfoursta, meme.

      Gohan is made upper NErd in this one, and piccolo calls him out on it, REPEATEDLY.

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