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    1. Ok guys…TECHNICALLY….it’s the girl’s fault cause she says GO GO!! If she had waited a second or two before she said GO, this wouldn’t have happened. Yup, had to be a woman’s fault.

    2. I agree with Dante. If she would have been in the kitchen like an obedient woman, this might not have happened.

    3. omg i woman should not be in the kitchen dumb asrse maybe if men could do stuff for them selfs women wouldent be in the kitchen and i do agree wot a tool this girl is but who dose that

    4. wow mollie…just wow. Does that actually make sense to you? I think they have remedial programs you should look into. They have great, easy to follow stories just for people like you. For example “See spot run”

    1. That bike helmet most likely spjit upon impact with the hood. I would be EXTREMELY surprised if that biker survived

    1. such an interesting phrase. if you havent seen the original video that is should look it up.

  1. I bet car had a female drive too. A man woulda seen that bitch and sped up to hit her harder.
    This is what happens when we let women outside the home.

  2. oh shit….yea…that maybe has turned into someones worst nightmare to have be spread around the internet…..i doubt that person is anywhere near ok….(but @Darwin awards….close runner up I’d say)

  3. OK now we all know that has to really suck.there are a couple of issues here,the kid on the bike did good by teaching the little kids what can happen to them if they play in the traffic,the kid on the bike is Definitely in for a long run of recovery,and it totally sucks because the driver is the one that will get all the negative results,

  4. WTF?!?!? that’s not funny, gotta be careful with crossing the line that separates apathy with sense of humor.

  5. i can see what happened now.
    biker-hey bro! is any cars comming?
    dude- nah bro your good go for it!!
    biker- oh okay *crash*
    dude-haha gets em every time

  6. If this is real, then you all need therapy. that person is stupid, and hopefully will never breed. I am also hoping that none of you do for your lack of humanity.

  7. This shit was in montevideo-uruguay in the “canteras del parque rodó” i live in montevideo and i was there that day with my uncle and we saw how that man flew over the car and it was traumatizing, sorry about my english i speak spanish

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