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  1. Also just to make this fail free from first fuckers, I’ve already said first, twice, if you look at it in a smart way, also if you’re still aiming for other spots, 2nd,3rd,4th,5th,6th,7th,8th,9th, and so on!

    Also, wow, what a fag! First people are talking about a sperm bank, then he talks about a fucking yogurt shop, I mean who the fuck does that?

  2. So the previous two joke comments about ‘rub you up’ and ‘coming’ etc were overlooked, but the funny line about ‘yogurt’ is taken seriously as an intelligence fail??? WTF, anyone who thinks this is a fail is the fail!

  3. Duh! this is not a fail and is actually a win! Obviously you have not heard the news story about the shop owner tainting yoghurt with semen.

  4. i spot 2 wins and 1 fail, the two first reviews was a pun win “I love coming here”… key word coming… and the last review was soooo fail

    1. because whoever is in charge here is completely devoid of any kind of sarcasm detection and thinks every damn thing they post here is real and serious

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