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    1. Nah probably a hepatic porphyria side-effect induced by the photophoresis and, generically, the topical lactoxanthoma-application. Where’d YOU get the diagnosis? =D

  1. Also just to make this fail free from first fuckers, I’ve already said first, twice, if you look at it in a smart way, also if you’re still aiming for other spots, 2nd,3rd,4th,5th,6th,7th,8th,9th, and so on!

  2. …she is at romancescammer dot com, the guy which baited this dumbass told her that if she wanted money she had to do that

  3. my mom potty trained me by putting cheerios in the toilet and told me to try to sink them. This is how R-Kelly’s mom potty trained him.

    1. Cuz this could be the result of Caucasian and Asian blood line. Most things look and taste better when mixed. Booze, food, racial DNA… I wanna go to Brazil now….

    2. I like you now Dyquen..But, why Brazil? It ain’t the only place where you can find a ‘genetic cocktail’, so basically where u’ll find replicas of Gisele bundchen in some little towns in the south of rural Brazil. I advice you to watch this vid: Finding supermodels in Rural Brazil, you can find it in Yt. Enjoy! and remember, there’s as much Drag queens as Models in Brazil 😉

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