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    1. Exactly, I was thinking the same thing. The ‘spunk’ that kid has is selfishness and a really mean, bitchy attitude. That’s not gonna bode well later on. Nice work. ‘Great’ parenting.

    2. this is so true and a message to the mother dont b suprised if she turns out to b 16 and the new miss pregoss !!

    3. forget when shes older that kid looks like she’s going be heading to school soon if not already. i feel srry for the teacher that has to put up with that kid and the stupid bitch of a mother. this is why teachers need to be able to hit back

    4. Actually, she’s “mawmaw” because her (probably single) mother is too big a cunt to keep a good man/has a huge accent

    1. USA all the way. No other country has this stupid shit televised and labelled as entertainment.

    2. fuck no – as a young victoria I had to work a number of soul crushing retail jobs that allowed me to experience the undeniable fact that women from all over the world are stupid nasty cunt faced bitches (especially middle aged bitches from the Caribbean, Asia and the Middle East will be mean as shit to you and are not the ones to fuck with).

    1. her mom needs to be beaten repeatedly first…this is NOT acceptable behaviour for a 3 year old.

  1. If that kelly bitch shows up here, ask why the jews deserve genocide while these mother-daughter pair doesn’t.

  2. This is what happens when there isn’t a man involved in a situation like this. Clearly, the kid is spoiled, and has no boundaries or respect for her parent. Being yelled at is not ok, being stabbed with a fork is not ok, being told off by a child is not ok. Her attitude is total shit and she is what, 3 years old? She’s in for a big surprise when she grows up. The world does not revolve around her, though I suppose she could always fuck her way to the top….

    1. what is wrong is this is how kids grow up here. parents dont like to say shit to the kids and think its cute the way they act. in a few years she will run away from home or beat her parents to get stuff she wants.

      if i was the dad i would slap both of them.

    2. its not that all parents are like that is the fact the government made it to where you whoop your kids ass may as well kiss yours good bye for abuse.. stupid government..

    3. this is what happens when u put in a law that by hitting yur children its called abuse so u go to jail so parents just yell

  3. the whole family needs to get their asses beat, dad for not being the man in the house, wife for putting her daughter through this shit, and the little girl for being rude.

    1. well, i don’t see the dad there. How come that doesn’t surprise me. Probably ran away with the girl from the gas station, like any decent man would in this specific occasion.

  4. This is going to be deleted but..

    Fuck you and fuck your kids. learn to parent you stupid lazy pieces of uneducated fucks.

    1. It is the prequel, tryouts and all. And that girl just passed with flying colors. we’ll see her in about 14 years.

  5. Makes me sick to consider all the pervs who just looove this show. Do the parents even consider theyre signing up their babies for a show for pervs to jack off to? disgusting

    1. what makes you think the parents are not the pervs? saw a dad act just like this.

  6. Why is it that all of the bitches are either fat or have botox, the dads are all gay…gayer than a gay orgy

  7. Toddlers and Tiaras is such a disgusting show… way to make a generation of little girls into dumb little fucked up sperm dumpster gold diggers… way to go America.

    1. Dont worry….Pimps dont ask for respect they demand it…and have no scruples about beating the shit out of spoiled little bitches like that.

  8. this is what happens when u have a bunch of dead beat dads who hits it and quits it and then u get brainless cock sucking gold digging good for nothing peace of shit’s like this in 15 years all she wants is cock and money watch u going to see her with a cock as a bottle and her money she going to be wiping her ass with

  9. Future Denny’s wrestler. Another Uhmerican that can state the fact that “I’m Uhmerican and I have rights. I don’t have any idea what they are, but I know I have ’em! And if you don’t like the fashions of this cuntry, then why don’t YOU JUST LEAVE!”

    Sorry for my social commentary there, Tex the Mex.

    1. You’re forgiven Fred.
      Just stay on your soap box, that’s all you can do. Lord knows you never have anything funny to say.

  10. fUTURE tEEN mOM 16 aND pREG rIGHT tHERE !

  11. Lord I hate that show. Those Mothers should be lined up in front of a firing squad and shot, and the children should be sent to live with someone who knows what the f**k they’re doing when it comes to raising kids. Why the hell is this being glorified on T.V.?

    1. Fuck… British Petroleum just killed billions of living organisms and you dumb fuck american’s only care about this Casey Anthony chick… so easily distracted, so stupid, so gullible.

  12. This is not parenting… any two people can have a baby, but it takes mature, responsible adults to be parents. Where is Dr. Phil when you need him to tell stupid people they are being stupid?
    I wonder if that woman will realize all her mistakes when her daughter is smashing in her skull with a hammer because she didn’t get the pretty dress she wanted at the mall??? Probably not…..

  13. …This kind or stuff needs to be banned in this country. No wonder the rest of the world says they have higher education ratings and such…>< and putting it on T.V just makes it worse!

  14. Ladies and Gentlemen……. THE FUTURE. SMH. These toddler pageant should be illegal for so many different reasons, and the parents that get involved need to have child protective services called on them. The people that get off on this shit and these ridiculous reality shows need a life

  15. The only thing this dumb broad got right was that this brat is a direct reflection of her. Jeeze, we need to require IQ tests before you’re allowed to procreate.

  16. Excuse me, I’m an American and I DO NOT let my 3-year-old act that way. Children need structure and discipline. Any person from any country can fuck that up if they’re stupid and lazy as a parent. Stop shitting on the U.S. We’re not all like that.

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