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    1. chopper you dads a cunt.. i will lay him flat and fuck him sideways…… stop been jealous because u cant be FIRST … get a little practice at it and maybe you can achieve it…practice makes perfect…. btw im not homo..
      no homo

    2. so ur saying 2nd coz ur jealous ur not first or what is that suppost to mean? lawl , practicing for being first on each video here ^^ sounds like a cool hobby when u got actually nothing in life. (i dont care what u pretend to do with my parents or so , in reality u dont seem to get out of your house anyway)

    1. really cuz ive seen some pretty sick isht coming from whites. I mean even sicker than this. There are some whites that improve the realty value of a neighborhood. And there are those that dont. Im sure with ur fancy GED and 62 days clean token your of the latter….but then probably not. This pic btw is disgusting….by no means represents all blacks.

    1. What!… Nothing strange about this pick. Lil dud w is doing what skinny black men do… fuckin’ an obese woman.

  1. Hey, bubba, that ain’t shrimp you’re eating. I’d call that an epic rim job. I knew she was the reason he aint got no legs. Everyone said it was fromVietnam but I knew his lust for fat chicks was unsatiable.

  2. I’m confused. Is that Jabba the Hutt giving birth to Bizarro? What kind of live action fan fiction is this?!

  3. I think he’s ATTEMPTING to do 69.. and she/it is so big it looks like he’s climbing out her sizeable vagina..

    1. He came back from an underwater mission, He had to climb out to see if he hit her g-spot.

  4. think he miss heard the song lyrics.
    “Watch me crank dat Soulja Boy
    Then Superman dat ho”
    he heard “superman dat whale!”

  5. I’d love to be that guy…but only if he really is @$$ eating that thing…and only if that thing is a cross dressing man!

    BIIG time homo

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