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    1. seriously why would you be all smiley, she must have left a lot of money for them to all be happy and makin faces…. idiots

    2. Hottest Bitch in the picture………….is the dead one. Gotta get in dat tomb tomb tomb.

  1. Ok before I turn around, I want to know who killed their mother. So smile if you tried to kill her……. HA CAUGHT YO….WTF duckface is that your smile?

  2. i think they all inherited this deads women money so hey ill smile like a mofo too jk no i wont this photo is not cool that face in the back is rude as f*** right next to the casket smh

    1. Samoans are simply nigras turned inside out.
      They are just as bad and stupid shit like this is the norm

    1. I noticed that too. She’s got a vail on and everything…this is the most fucked up sad fail ever………

  3. Thats just…I…I can’t even really think of anything else to say but “That’s just wrong…so, so wrong”><

    1. Nice comment you European piece of garbage. You are most likely of spanish descent due to hat squiggly shit on your name. No one on epicfail, facebook, craigslist or even the walmart wedding registry likes euros. fuck your lispy accent, fuck your currency and fuck your fashion you murse wearing androgenous pathetic excuse for a man. go punch yourself in the asshole.

    2. @thunder_chicken You forgot to sat fuck all of their ilegal immigrants they send over here! And Joao, Your fucking stupid, where the hell do you fucking see shadows?

    3. Ashley, you must work on your grammar and spelling. I’m wasting time trying to process the uneducated crap you typed out.
      Thunder_chick: Comment win.

    4. @ Joao u dumbass there are no fucking shadows.take your meican ass back to mexico annd get a damn education.and @thunderchicken, right on, right on.

    5. Joao….without the squiggle because i cant type spick…i cant in all honesty say that us americans are the most intelligent country…but i can say that we DO have enough military training
      and weapons to fuck up your little shit hole third world country the same way we have many others…

  4. they definantly arnt african americans like some1 else said most probably polynesian and for those idiots saying there the same american blacks are way wrong i live in new zealand and all the polynesian islands are directly north, fiji, tonga samoa and lots of them come here and steal our jobs but anyway absolutly nothing like african americans

    1. Thats what i said.WTF isnt this supposed to be a sad time?why are all yall smilin and shit like theres not a damn casket in the freakin backround?yeah, EF.


    1. den kome let me fuckkkkkn kill you and you will have your funeral like that with the faces and everything niggah.

  6. fuckkkkkkkkkkkkk up niggahs yah dont noe shit so juss keep yah muther fuckin komments to yah self.and fuckkkkkkkkk who ever put this shit up.and fuckkkkkk the bitch dat sed were like black pepo bitch we aint.if you need that hit me up.and i come and fuckkkkkkkkin kill yo ass mah self.and get yah facts straight betches.

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