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  1. Someone Loves her Rainbow Sponge way to much… I think she might be using it for “body art” ewwww…

    Oh and looks like an obligatory First

  2. Lame post… I was waiting for her to fall, barf on the desk, or get hit by a falling light fixture… didn’t happen.

  3. “3 sizes because I can’t stand just 1 size…I squeezed and squeezed and squeezed…Oh my gosh!!!…I love to wiggle the whole thing…Is this fun or what?!…yes, yes…This was one night that I did not sleep…It is so hard to Stop!”

  4. That’s the product of the 1960’s and also the 1960’s that creeped all the way into the 80’s. Nothing like an old acid fried woman… I bet she puts out.

  5. Our tax dollars pay for an army arts and crafts department?! Where do I sign up?? WIGGLES all day, I can see it now..

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