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  1. I don’t understand the point of telling a guy you’re late. There’s no point. Tell him if you actually are preggers, aside from that, keep your bodily functions to yourself.

    1. Check the condom after?? really??? I shall assume you lick your fingers after checking your rubbers… dumbass…

  2. First to say FIRST.
    And the Zionists Agenda is here.Along with 2012 being run by sasquatch with his trusty chupacabra pet.

    1. @chizzarre …
      word…. i feel ya no homo…. but the thing is i am Zionist 😀 we are going to kill 90% of the world by 2013.. all hail ZION
      no homo

    1. I for one use condoms all the time on your mom she tells me to throw the used ones in your room because you have a waste basket full of them from when you are getting corn-holed by all of your pedo bear lovers

    2. Don’t you have a brutha to butt fuck?
      Everyone knows you blackies are all on the down low.
      You people fuck anything with a pulse and some without.
      Is it any wonder you’re a failed sub-species.

    3. Dude where from this fail did you get that load of garbage?
      Go fuck your mom on a landmine.

    4. Wooowwww….you pretty ignorant and just an ass. I think RoccoL is the failed sub-species here.

    5. Cutesy ebonics internet ghetto babble texting will get you nowhere.
      Put the crack pipe down andtake that nigroid cock out of your mouth and learn something.

    6. Why dont you learn something…mabye you could learn that all this crap your throwing at other races makes no sense at all. All your doing is babbling on and pulling shit out of your ass.

    7. woow boy, you must be some white kid with no real world experience or opinions of his own. I’m sure you can spit shit but can’t take.

    8. I’m not much for uninformed racism but it is true that statistically black people have a considerably lower IQ than whites/ other races and a much lower percentage of gifted individuals… plus the crime rate and STD and single parent percentage is disproportionate also… so it is possible to criticise and not be ignorant. Anyone who runs away from the responsibility of parenthood deserves no respect.

    9. Uhmm why wouldn’t you take into consideration biased testing procedures on IQ tests as well as poverty rates,,,like you dumbass white people created a racist world that makes it extremely difficult to rise up from and then still have the nerve to think you’re better???well white people do have the highest suicide rates EVER, and make up the entire population of anorexic/bullemic/fucking all mental disorders,,,,I’d wanta kill myself too if I was such an ignorant, egotistical fucking fish belly skinned dbag.

    10. tricey augustine… i guess its hard to type when you are standing out in the cold workin the streets for your crack.

    11. DreaFea…. Before you say “well white people do have the highest suicide rates EVER, and make up the entire population of anorexic/bullemic/fucking all mental disorders” You need to do your research first bitch. Here douche bag do some reading if you know how. White people may have enslaved blacks but blacks are the ones who wont let it die. Blacks hold ever white person responsible for happen years and years ago. You have the nerve to say that blacks arent given the chance to rise above??? You are an ignorant twat!

  3. Go figure…another jigaboo not manning up to his resbonibility. Takes a boy to make a kid and a man to raise one.

  4. wow some people on this page are fucking ignorant as hell. How do you know he isnt spanish or white? why does he have to be black? Uneducated assholes! uggghhhhhh………… -_-

    1. we assume he is black because that is how alot of black ppl portray themselves. if they didnt we wouldnt say that. so ur the uneducated one

    2. No, lala100 doesn’t make any sense… the text clearly indicates that he is of Jamaican heritage. Morons.

    3. holy shiite… one of the few magical times I have witnessed “sense” spelled correctly on a comment section…twice no less…now thrice =D

  5. Is it bad that I love seeing shit about atlanta or area codes like 770 678 and 404 on here? I mean at least we do something right

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