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  1. complete morons that use the two words “no” and “homo” at the end of a sentence cannot reply to me

    1. Go fuck yourself. Cops bring order and peace in an almost chaos laden society. Without the police there would be nothing but crime and destruction. Without Law, society would not exist. If you hate the police its because you aspire to live a life of illegal activity. Finally, if you’re white (which you most likely are) and the cops fuck with you it’s because you are a piece of shit, with piece of shit friends and probably drive a piece of shit. Upgrade your lifestyle you uneducated minimum wage cum dumpster.

    2. Most people wouldn’t mind cops if they weren’t such egotistical little bitches. They use their power to intimidate and bully people. So fuck them and fuck you too.
      Now go swallow some more of that swines cock, you dick riding faggot.

    3. Interesting use of language buckaroo. Who protects the people in your area when your mom hops in her El Camino in one of her weekly drunken fits? The police. Who would you call when someone breaks into your mobile home and steals your Walker: Texas Ranger box set? The police. Calling me a dick riding faggot is pretty extreme being that my previous comment wasnt aimed at you at all. You must either a) be a piece of shit b) have piece of shit friends or c) drive a piece of shit. That’s funny. I am none of those things, plus my wife is really hot. I win pussy.

    4. It’s a double sided coin when it comes to cops depending on the area you live. where I’m at you call the cops for a neighbor who’s playing video games too loudly at 8pm he and a partner is there in 5 mins. 15 miles from me, in the city you get shot at and get your car stolen they take damn near 2 hours to even send one cop to do a check in. So yeah there are cops and then there are pigs. pigs are the ones that pull you over for going 2-5 miles over the speed limit.

    5. Rule # 1
      When you talk about how hot your wife is, chances are she’s not.
      I’m sure to you, she’s a goddess. The rest of us would more than likely disagree.
      Stop fooling yourself, it only makes you look silly.

    6. * Society would exist without law enforcers but it would be quite different.

      * Not all police are power-hungry retards.

      *I would make sweet love to thunder chicken’s wife.

    7. ok first nicky… fucking epic. lmfao
      ok now that thats outta the way i was going to say somthing to thunder chicken, but it seems Dyquen said it all for me. i live in the city. and the cops there are fucking pigs. takes them about an hour or more to come to shootings and there right on your ass when you cough. im not one of the low life junkys you were talking about thunder chicked, but my cops are cock juggling thundercunts AkA pigs

    8. I have to /slightly/ agree with thunder_chicken, not all cops are dicks, I’ve met quite a few chill cops, and then I’ve met my fair share of pigs. I live in the City, response time isn’t as bad as you people are trying to say it is. It could depend on what city you live in, if you live in a shitty city then most of the cops are probably tired of all the idiots they have to deal with.

      What I don’t agree with him on is his asshole approach at trying to defend cops. So I partially agree with your defense, but you’re personally needs to be worked on, dick.

  2. good thing he’s got those metal tubing frame protector cuz he wouold of had to put his foot on the ground a couple of time.s…..let’s see him do that with a CBR1000RR…..but he’s good ….sure would like a try at it …..

    1. Actually the scraping sound you hear during the tight turns are the footboards, not the engine guard. I used to work in a local HD dealership and when the cops would bring the bikes in for service, we had to be careful not to slice up our arms on the ground-down footboards.

  3. He is fucking awesome!
    I hate the police. Here in Merida, Yucatan, Mexico the police suck because you can’t walk in the night without there exists the possibility that a COP assaults you.
    But that cop have a great skill!

  4. Oh! finally! there are your taxes! spent on training pigs to do motorcycle ballet, at least we know that he won’t fall when rushig for his donuts…

  5. How come when a cop does it on a motorcycle to a cool song it’s a win, but the old guy in the canoe was a fail? Basically the same thing…

  6. I hate most cops, but this guy seems cool. He took his job, made it fun instead of being like most cops, treating it like a game where you have to be a dick(assuming he isn’t one).

  7. i dont know about you people he completed a obstical with 90 degree turns and other obsticals under 2 minutes. it would take me 2 years or more to do what he just did on my bicycle.

    1. I agree.. I couldn’t do that on a motorcycle and Ive been riding one for years. For once I can say GO PIG!

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