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    1. i care you anti Semitic bastard……btw jews rule…the rest are fools lmao and ye First to say second ..Suck it bitch
      no homo

    2. Well… I do have to say…the Israel lobby pretty much makes Jews the biggest blood-sucking leaches America has.

    1. Imagine the things you could do with that talent… well.. eat and steal stuff is about it.. still a cool move.

  1. Eating with Chopsticks………..real fucking stupid.
    digging is someones pocket with a gook fork…….pretty godamn smart.

    WIN for the theif, FAIL for the clown that keeps his money in his hoody pocket. Just asking for it.

  2. if you guys didnt notice the pick pocketer dropped the phone and the guy who got picked pocketed….picked it up… that was the fail

  3. Didn’t notice that the thief dropped his phone at all.
    That explains why is this FAIL, I guess.

    As for the chopsticks… YAY 😀 Pretty cool 😀 😀

  4. it was a huge win from the thief, the owner realized the missing phone too soon, so the thief had to improvise, had to drop the phone so he won’t get caught…
    nobody could saw that…are you all americans or something? :)))

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