Public Transportation Fail


People Fail

“Just some sights I saw when I went to Baltimore to visit my Cousin.”

Submitted by Steph

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  1. wow, nothing like seeing the highlights of my birth city. God what a dump. Baltimore is like the herpe of America.

  2. I love that she attempted to eat something healthy in a drunken fit. I bet if this twat had some taco bell she’d have both shoes on and this white guy wouldnt be scared shitless.

  3. First of all..who the hell thinks that a Subway sandwich is healthy? There is nothing in the meat that will feed the body good nutrients. It is virtually fat free (FATS ARE GOOD FOR YOUR BRAIN..lack of it causes Alzheimer’s hint hint) and chemically enriched.Gotta love the American market, I mean, where else can you get a pile of body parts grind them up…bleach them, then color them to look like meat, pack chemicals on it to hold it together and feed the waste by-products to the most valuable commodity on earth US…GEESH PEOPLE…I LIKE HUH PINK SHOES THO.HOMEGIRL BE POPPIN!

    1. Don’t forget about all the pig anus, intestines, and pig hooves that they like to call hot-dogs. Or all the chemistry basin they call deep friers…

      Then, when they go to places like India, they get all douch-baggy about someone mowing down a spiced and roasted scorpion… what’s worse??? Idiots…

    2. Sasha, fat is , in fact, good for the brain; mono and polysaturated fats are a couple of the building blocks that promote memory and comprehension. However Saturated and Trans fats are the reason obesity has run rampant in the US. So based off of your liberal comment, Subway would be a low cost alternative for a growing population that may not be able to afford organic food. $5.00 for Complex Carbohydrates, protein, Potassium, Vitamin A, C, D, Calcium, Iron and Fiber is a great alternative for a society that glorifies the “value menu”. So next time you post something make sure its not plagiarized from a Trader Joes shopping cart or some chain email you got from one of your peasant relatives. Oh, and you’re dumb for like her shoes

    3. Jeez Sasha. It’s not that serious. I get subway sammaches all the time. They hardly put any meat on there and it’s better for you then a big mac.

  4. That bus looks a hot ass atrocious gross disgusting vomit inducing stomach turning throwing up in the toilet while someone holds your hair diarrhea in a cup MESS.

  5. awww this pic right here makes me proud to be from baltimore haha sad part is when I saw this pic before even reading the caption I thought it looked like something from baltimore transportation haha gotta love it <3

  6. hi, i have a foot fetish and just love subway. seeing her barefoot so close to that crushed subway sandwich is an enormous tease. if only she was wearing that subway sandwich on her foot like a slip-on shoe: that would be heaven on earth. thank you for reading

  7. LOL! You people are freaks! Damn, i’d like to know what home girl was doing that got her laid out like that. She must have warshed that sammach down with a 5th of Vodka!

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