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    1. suck on my dangle berries you self centered know it all…i will melt in you mouth and make you swallow all of it… hows it taste bitch…kind of like pineapple yeee? now turn around and bend over im a hit it with no lube……
      No homo

    2. The fun part is when the male idiots in the car laughs, not realizing what’s been said below. She’s just getting mildly soaked in the hair from the rain as the speed of the car pushes the rain above her head. Clearly seen somewhere in the middle.
      These guys laughing probably are footballplayers and didn’t finish any of the physicsclasses in school.

    3. I must say that they who captured this clip are stupud, with the aerodynamics of the car and speed over 65 km/h u DON’T get wet in this or any other car with no roof, the rain follows the airflow over it.

  1. Awwh poor woman…Being filmed and have those people laughing right at you and then putting it on the internet…

  2. The top has to be broken, no one’s gonna drive in the rain like that is they don’t have to. All her stuff is ruined now, FAIL on those guys laughing at her.

  3. The myth-busters proved quite a while ago that at highway speed the air pocket created my the windshield cutting though the air will deflect rain drops around the passenger compartment of the vehicle….

  4. I drive a cabrio and actually,as long as she’s not driving slower than 37mph, the rain will “flow” over the car. If you watch the video at 0:33, you cann see the rain above her head.
    She and the interior of her car are completely dry.

  5. This video has two parties. One woman who got caught off-guard in the rain with her top down (sounds hot) and then another group of absolute douchebags who make fun of people because they’re complete assholes. If that were me, I would follow them and subsequently walk around making fun of them.

    1. I really was hoping the bitches laughing at her would crash and roll and get ejected, camera still rolling.

  6. She was probably caught off guard by the rain. (Something that could have happened (or has happened) to anyone here.)
    And now there’s a car driving continually next to her, filled with men, who are pointing, laughing and shouting at her. (which I can imagine to be very intimidating if you’re a woman driving alone on a quiet road.)
    And on top of all that, those idiots tape her and post it online for the whole world to see.

    So what’s ‘the fail’ here? I think it’s pretty obvious…

    1. Yeah, I sure wouldn’t want to pull over to put the top up with a car full of strangers keeping pace with me.

  7. the fail is…..pull over,stop,put the top up and drive. if you can’t do something that simple, you deserve to be laughed at and posted.either that or you shouldn’t be driving in that type of hazardous condition.she is compromising the welfare of herself and more importantly the welfare of all others on the road (i.e. drivers with children in their vehicle.)

    1. how is her driving in the rain with the top down a hazard to any one or any thing ecpt her hair… did any one see myth busters… drive faster and the rain will go right over you.

  8. Maybe the top is broken, you don’t know. The guys in this video are so rude and immature; they’re lucky they didn’t cause an accident with their asinine behavior.

  9. We didn’t break apart in stormy weather
    We didn’t run around like others do
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    And a blue sky full of rainbows from now on

    We’ve got smooth sailing, sailing
    Looks like every drop of rain is gone, gone, gone
    Smooth sailing, sailing
    And a blue sky full of rainbows from now on

  10. Actually this is a win, if you drive 40+ the rain won’t get in the car and in fact you can see this effect in the video

    1. Thats sad that you’ve been going on sites like this for over # years and you remember it

  11. If these guys weren’t homo douchbags they would have suggested helping her get her top up. By this maybe one of these assholes might have gotten her number and later banged her. But no, these pricks would rather make fun of her then go home and bone each other.

  12. it’s actully not so bad, as you can se the watter doesnt hit her so much,why? bc the winsheld throws the watter over the car, not in.

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