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    1. because secertly wants to be backdoored…. but shhhh he doesn’t want his asshole to know his plan

    2. yeah dipsht… because you say no homo so much, let me educate you on what a good proper use for no homo is… ‘the more you say ‘no homo’ the more i want to tie you up, torture you, pull your eyes out before cutting off your dick and shoving it in your mouth. ill then use your eye sockets as fuck holes and get a hot gangbang over to skull fuck you. no homo’ see…

  1. i call this a tattoo win (based on what it is) and a fail cause it looks like shit… but overall id call this a win…

  2. HAHAHAHA this is my cousin! he got it to cover up his ex’s name and my other cousin did the EPIC FAIL over the top thank you very much it does not look like shit

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