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    1. and what your a winner? to me you just a jelly mother fucker 😀 what you smart?…your nothing but a retard ……got milk?
      No homo

    2. My guess is that dipsht here is actually Chris trying to re-up is glossy name. Just wait until your dad gets into your facebook again! LOL

    3. dipsht and i LOOOOVE the cock. No Homo is my personal lament that I am still ass is like a worn out glazed donut… but im girly and devoted to being a pillow biter for life! especially love black men and jewish men! got milk?

    4. Hi! I’d like to reiterate that Israeli men are the most pathetic, retarded people in the world. We are ALL homo’s..and illiterates..and LOVE the black/jewish/american cock! LOVE!
      big homo

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  1. The dad is a fail. there is no need to clarify things posted on facebook. the social site is for fakes anyway. no one is who they really are on facebook.

    1. Disagree. People who use it to communicate with their real-life friends have no reason to put anything other than a picture, and general information about themselves. That said, I have no updates, no misleading information making me look tough and certainly no personal claims to fame.

    2. thus funk you must be the biggest fake in life…. aside from dipsht with the “no homo” shit

    3. im with funk on that one, i hate facebook, never used it and never will, the reason being is that its mostly filled with ego trippers and as soon as someone says its a shit site, its like you killed someones mother, you get an onslaught of verbal abuse just for saying you dont like it, its quite sad really.
      i like to have real friends, id rather have 1 real friend than 1000 fake retarded friends

    4. There’s always a possibility that wasn’t a dad, but his bro or sistah. It’s OK to shred to pieces “da real gangstah’s” image, but I don’t think a parent would give up kid’s real ID on the Internet, unless dad himself is an idiot.

    5. im with funk too. also i heard one of my old teachers saying that everyone that doesnt have a facebook are retards and need to get a life

    6. i mean “…everyone that dont have a facebook…”
      facebook scares me too.. there are like 5 guys that say that they want to know where i live so they can deliver candy :O
      I hate candy

    7. does the candy make your butt hurt? that’s a Roofie and you need to stop socializing with strange older men. and the 2 jackasses that think people care if they don’t like facebook..if anyone goes off on you, it has nothing to do with FB, you just surround yourselves with morons…and I imagine you would love to have 1 real friend instead of 1000 fakes, so stop being so churlish and maybe you will gain 1 real friend.

    8. I gotta totally disagree with you kids, facebook keeps me connected with ALL my friends and family close and abroad, its a place where i can share pictures of my son and the rest of my life with these people, not everyone who uses it is a ‘fake’ as you put it, Some people actually ARE as they really are on facebook. And what You think is right isn’t necessarily right.

  2. If only this would happen to every other wannabe gangster teenage retard online… the wigger epidemic needs to be contained.

  3. Nothing better than seeing someone’s online personna deflated. White people don’t need to be in gang’s or call themselves thugs. It’s foolish.
    Suburban thuglordz terrorizing your Cul-de-sac slangin hella Adderall to stay at home moms.
    Alway’s remember: Its great to be white, life is easier. Don’t be ashamed of your heritage and try to acclimate by association to cultures that are not your own. If you’re not from the hood, stay the fuck out.

  4. This is what happens when you can’t spank kids anymore. They feel like they can get away with shit until they’re so fucked up that it takes a social explosion like this to bring them down a peg. The future looks grim…

    1. indeed young skywalker. Any society that glorifies “Teen Moms” is destined for a catastophic meltdown.

    1. Jesus goggles lyn, were you drunk when you typed that?? Never seen so many typos in one sentence. LOL

  5. i use my facebook to talk to my family that dont leave here in OHIO so for the people thats calling facebook fake must be fake dont talk bout something into u try it

    1. Agreed my face book is for family and staying in touch with my friends (I’ve moved a lot) not that i don’t believe there are fake people on fb.. but the simple solution to this is don’t add people you don’t know! smh at people thinking fb is the new myspace.

  6. The father is the fail. He just not only ridiculed his son and probably made his school life difficult, but he also posted his son’s LAST NAME online. Have you people heard of Internet security??

    1. What Abby said. His name was already on there. Samantha, do you not know how Facebook works? Although some people may use pseudonyms, Facebook users typically use their real first and last names so their old friends/colleagues/acquaintances can find them. The ones with the ridiculously long fake nicknames, well, I just don’t know what to say about them.

  7. haha! def. dad win! i hate all those cocky smart-ass suburban boys all “imma beat a ho’s ass” pricks actin like they the shit when theyre just lil rich suburban kids

  8. DANG! Thats a big and huge fail! LOLL! But now im not gonna lie heck i cried at the end of marley and me! LOL! But i will admit it. It was sad but still thats a big epicfail! Guess Chris aint all that hard as he says he is! HAhahaha

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