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    1. FIRST to say…Smrt is a self centered ignorant anti Semitic bastard…………..and First to say First…
      No homo

    2. I love all races and religions…except for you, dipsht. Here’s a thought, read some of the conspiracy theories you preach about and then hold your breath until they happen…

    3. shhhhh… he hasn’t found these things out yet because he’s too stupid to read about what he’s preaching… don’t ruin the fun!

    4. dude, every time you say no homo is out of context… a prime way of exerting ‘no homo’ would be a situation with a bunch of guys going out to a club and one says “man, you’re looking good tonight! no homo.” not just some random blurt at the end of every thing you say… besides the whole ‘no homo’ thing is stupid anyway.

  1. It’s not too often you get to see a tranny with a farmer’s tan. The great thing about the size his dress; not having to bother with tucking the ol’ weiner.

  2. oh and for all you people that say its fake… its not. im a photoshop pro, i can tell when this is fake or not, and IF its a fake, its done flawlessly.

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